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Shake the States – Fun Games for Kids Series by Third Chicken Incorporated was #6 in our Readers’ Favorite Geography apps.

Shake the States is a simple, easy-to-use United States geography app. Though it is a very basic app, the graphics are beautiful and the colors are bright and vivid. Properly positioning the smallest states is easy even for adult-sized fingers. The app is focused strictly on the names and proper location of the states. Narration throughout the app is easy to understand. Shake the states is divided into two levels; level one is the easier of the two as it has the outlines of the states on the map, making the placement a lot easier than level two, which does not have the outlines. The levels are not timed and both levels can be re-played repeatedly. The user will receive applause after completing either level.

A button to turn the sound on or off is available on the main screen. Information about the artist, developer and additional apps by Third Chicken is also available. The buttons for additional information are tucked away somewhat; the user needs to touch the “?” button on the main screen before seeing the buttons.

A separate app is available for iPhone/iPod users. Only the iPad app was tested for this review.

Bottom line

Shake the States is a simple, easy-to-use United States geography app.
Do you know the exact placement of each state on a map of the USA? Touch and drag one of the 50 states to its proper position on the board and it will stick, but make a mistake, and watch the state tumble.

Level 2 can even challenge adults! Can you place your states on a US map if the state boundaries are not noted on the board? Find out in Level 2!

Shake the States will provide hours of fun for everyone while kids and parents brush up on their geography. Shake the States makes learning about geography easy.