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Shape Arts Geometry is another great puzzle app by Lighthouse Learning that will provide hours of challenging fun!

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Shape Arts: Geometry Creations is another app from Lighthouse Learning that is similar to the Dragon Shapes app we reviewed with lots of fun geometry shapes and puzzles to complete. This app is a bit unique in that it doesn’t only allow children to try out various puzzles, but also allows players to create their own. With a variety of categories to choose from, children can make animals, numbers, people, or other creatures. This app is fun, challenging, and it will certainly keep puzzle-lovers engaged.

Features include:

  • 5 Puzzle categories
  • Puzzlet creator
  • Challenging


Shape Arts: Geometry Creations is full of bright colors and lots of puzzle shapes to recreate. The audio consists of lively music that plays while players complete each puzzle and fun sound effects when each shape gets popped into place. The easy drag and drop method of moving each piece into place makes this app easy and very intuitive for children to use. The developers have also included an hint feature that can assist children if they get stuck.


This app is going to challenge children to use their logic and problem solving skills as they play. Each puzzle provides children with a template of the overall picture they must recreate. There is a sidebar that includes all of the shapes that are used in the puzzle and players must move the shapes into place to recreate the puzzle correctly. Another great feature is the ability to rotate each shape to place it appropriately. With hundreds of puzzles to try and the ability to create their own, this app provides endless fun and practice!


Not only are children going to be challenged with this app, they are going to have fun while they play as well. Whether they are trying out the latest puzzles or creating their own, they will have a blast with each new challenge. The developers have also included a reward system that allows children to earn marbles as they progress. This app proves to be a lot of fun for puzzle-lovers.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great value. When you consider how much you would pay for having the physical pieces and puzzle cards to create each shape, this app is a steal. There are so many puzzles for children to complete that there is no chance they are going to get bored. This is one app that could quickly become a family favorite.

Child Friendliness

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations is a great for children of all ages. While it might be challenging for younger players, the hint option allows children to get assistance if needed. The drag and drop function as well as the ability to rotate each piece makes this app easy to use as well. Parents can also appreciate the fact that each the parents area and the small advertisement for other apps by the developer are protected. Overall, this app is very child friendly.

Shape Arts Geometry is another great puzzle app by Lighthouse Learning that will provide hours of challenging fun!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars