Something parents shouldn’t do with infants

Something parents shouldn’t do with infants

All parents around the world love their son or their daughters. They always want to give their kids lovely behaviour. But new born baby are very weak. They can’t stand sudden changes from environment. Something that older people consider it is normal, infant also can’t stand it easily. Fortunately, there are many tips for adults to protect children from harmful things.

First, adults shouldn’t let everybody kiss or hug your child.

These actions can harm your new born baby. For instance, somebody can make up because of their hobbies or work characteristics. Cosmetics in their faces can make your babies’ skin be allergic. Besides, people smoking shouldn’t be let to kiss or hug your infants. Your children will have to endure many serious respiratory diseases when these people do these things above. In addition, everyday, people have to touch many things. Almost those things are touched by many other people. So, they are not clean. Thus, infants shouldn’t be kissed or hugged by those people. Children’ health will be decrease when too many bacteria from many sources attack them . Therefore, parents should refuse to let everybody touch your new born babies.

Second, sleeping with children wrong also can harm your children.

Sleeping with your children can make your infant feel safer. Besides, it will make parents feel easier to take care of their new born babies. But it is not always true. If parents don’t know how to take care of infants when sleeping, they can be the culprits of their children’ die. Infants can die for sticking at pillows, blankets. In addition, procumbent also can make children die because of breathless.

The third thing parents shouldn’t do is give baby from 0 to 6 months old drink water.

Mother milk or milk which made according to instruction of producer is the main source of food for children before they reach the sixth months old. Milk can provide enough nourishment for children in this period. Giving children younger than six months old is not necessary. This action can decline children’ nourishment absorption. In addition, children drink water can make children’ nature concentration decrease.

One of the thing parents shouldn’t do with babies is shake children too many times.

Parents usually shake their babies too many times and too hard when they want to make their kids stop crying. This thing shouldn’t be done. Babies are very weak. They can’t stand this action. It can affect children’ brain. Babies can have some eyesight problems, paralysis or even die if they have to endure shaking from adults.

Another thing parents shouldn’t do is cut the first hair of new born babies

Some adults think that cut the first hair of children can incite new hair grow. But it’s not true. Infants’ head skin is vulnerable. When cutting their hair, if not careful, adults can make their kids injure. Then, it leads to impetigo.

Clean tongue for infants by using honey shouldn’t be done.

According to experience from procedures, honey can prevent mycosis for new born babies. But this way is not good for babies who allergic to pollen. In this case, their tongues will be swollen. Thus, parents should use special tool to clean infants’ tongue. This kind of tool is usually sold at drug stores.

Putting talcum powder in babies’ skin is also shouldn’t be done.

Some parents usually put talcum powder on babies’ skin too much. This action is not good for children. In summer, children sweat too much. The combination of perspiration and talcum powder can stuck pores. Then, babies will be allergic.

Another thing mothers shouldn’t do is depend all on powder milk.

Some mothers don’t want to let children drink mothers’ milk. They want to keep their body’s beauty. This thing is not good for children at all. According to many nourish experts, children will be more intelligent and healthier if they completely drink mothers’ milk at the first six month olds.