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Price:Free ( In-App Purchases)


Stage Fright takes singing competition to a whole new level of fun! Imagine monsters belting out pop tunes complete with elaborate, interactive staging, and add in an imaginative monster host and the chance to vote the monster’s song up or down. Stage Fright is the ultimate in participatory music contests. Be prepared to hear some of these monster “hits” again and again, though, because they are definitely catchy.

Features include:

  • Suitable for kids ages 2 to 6
  • Interactive stage props
  • High quality music and lyrics in current popular styles
  • Positive message about being yourself
  • Lots of detail and things to discover


Stage Fright is a high quality app that will entertain children who enjoy music and interactive, discovery-oriented screens. The app is colorful and eye-catching, designed with little users in mind. Developers included a parents’ section that explains the functions and language options, too. The animation is smooth and the app has a wonderfully positive feel.


This app is not intended to be educational, but it does promote positive thinking and positive self-image in subtle ways.


Stage Fright is highly entertaining for the target age group, though parents may find that the songs are so catchy they become “earworms” that play over and over in your head. The monsters are adorable and cuddly-looking, so they are perfect for young children. The songs are professionally recorded, using styles that match today’s hits so kids will feel just like they are listening to pop music like older siblings and parents do. The lyrics are positive and upbeat, with great messages about the wonders of everyone’s unique styles, too.

And I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the staging. Just like on the popular television shows, each monster has a unique set for his or her song. In the best imitation of Hollywood that I’ve seen in a long time, the stages are elaborate and gorgeous, filled with intricate details. Best of all, they are interactive. Children will delight in finding hidden characters, sending showers of fireworks through the air, and more. With practice, they can even coordinate the displays with highs and lows in the music to add a whole new dimension of play.

And once the song is over, kids get to give it a happy or a sad face, which the monstrous singers respond to in unfailingly positive ways. It’s fun to see how they take criticism as well as praises, and sets a great example for kids in the process.


The app costs ninety-nine cents to try, with three monster singers ready to enjoy.  Seven more can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $2.99. Users can also purchase an iTunes album with full versions of all of the songs for $10.99 or purchase songs individually for ninety-nine cents each.

Child Friendliness

Stage Fright developers did a nice job of protecting adult links from little fingers. Social media, links, and options for purchase are locked behind an effective parent gate. One suggestion, however, would be to randomize the gate requirements. Right now, each parent gate requires adults to read the same three items to touch in order, and a savvy child could watch and remember how to get to all of the extras that should be for adults only.

  • Parent area (contains protected external links & social media)
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase (protected but visible)
Stage Fright
Stage Fright
Stage Fright is a unique and entertaining app that is well-designed for young children to enjoy. It’s modeled after popular singing competitions on television, and the music is upbeat, catchy and positive. Check it out for your 2 to 6 year old!
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