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Review Summary:

Stella and the Space Bears is about a girl who has the desire to travel into space.

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Stella and the Space Bears is a cute story of girl who has always wanted to travel into space. When bears are sent instead she comes to resent them a bit, until she has the opportunity to travel into space and has a change of heart.

Features include:

  • Navigation menu
  • Activity pages
  • Narrated story option
  • Read alone story option


With easy to read text, pleasant narration and nice illustrations, Stella and the Space Bears overall is of nice quality. Some areas could use a bit more work; areas such as the interactivity and the addition of text highlighting during narration.

The menu bar and page navigation built into the app interface makes it easy for users of all ages to move from the story to activities and from page to page within the story.


Stella and the Space Bears is a delightful little story that could be used to teach children different lessons or one to read just for fun. A short list of space facts has been included at the end of the story.

The addition of text highlighting in the narrated story option would be beneficial for beginning readers.


The story is a fun read and the additional activities are sure to entertain young children for a short time. Interactivity in the story is one area of the app that could use some work. Very little interactivity is included in the story and the quality of the interactivity is a bit disappointing as it is mostly bear grunts.


In this price range one would expect the app to contain text highlighting during narration, higher quality interactivity, additional drawing features and additional coloring pages or activities.

Child Friendliness

One area that this app excels in is in the child safety category. As a prime example, the coloring activity includes the ability to share or print the coloring pages; however, this feature is protected in a manner that is not easily accessible to young children. Parents will not need to worry about their little ones accessing links or buttons intended for adults.

Stella and the Space Bears is about a girl who has the desire to travel into space.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars