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[appimg 443353350]  StoryBox is a high quality adaptation of the popular Parent’s Choice Gold Award winning children’s magazine StoryBox. Your child will watch stories, puzzles and activities come to life with audio and animation.

This iPad-only app contains the first digital issue of the magazine and is filled with delightful characters, interactive screens, beautiful illustrations and plenty of educational goodies appropriate for children ages 3 to 6.

Top Features

Brilliantly illustrated full-length story: “How about a MOOH?”

Fun learning opportunities: Science the Whizkid and Animal World

Ongoing characters stories teaching age-appropriate lessons: SamSam and Polo

Record, save and share options in “Fun & Games” and while reading

The amount of content packed into this single app is amazing. Instead of reading through the story once and then being discarded like so many apps, the StoryBox iPad app is sure to entertain your child for hours.

Discerning parents will quickly discover why StoryBox’s tag line is, “More than a book!” Fans of the existing publication will appreciate the additional availability and mobility this stellar publication gains with the StoryBox iPad app.

User Friendly

Simple magazine style navigation with pages your child literally flips creates a fun and familiar reading experience.

Older children (and helpful parents) will appreciate the app’s table of contents which makes accessing a favorite story or screen easy.


I’m a little concerned about the StoryBox iPad app’s price tag. Downloading the first issue costs $3.99 and there’s no word yet about the cost of additional issues.

The quality of the app’s content and StoryBox’s successful 15 year track record will possibly make up for the price tag. It’s still cheaper to get the iPad app than it is to subscribe to the magazine and the addition of audio and animation might tip the scale in the app’s favor.

I certainly hope it does, because StoryBox is the kind of app that I want my child to fall in love with. It reminds me of reading Highlights Magazine as a child. Only StoryBox is a much easier read, with much more modern characters and themes.

Bottom-line: StoryBox is a content-rich magazine-style app that parents and children are sure to love. Beware the cost of future content additions. 

StoryBox is originally a monthly paper magazine for young children to share with their parents. In every issue, readers find: an original book-length illustrated story, subjects on science and nature, picture-stories, games, nursery rhymes and more. The magazine has been published for more than 15 years and is proven successful in helping children with their reading and learning development.

The first issue of StoryBox on iPad includes the same features than the paper magazine, with the same quality and variety of content, but topped with the audio and interactive touch. In this first issue, users will enjoy:
* An book-length animated story: How about a Mooh
* An introduction to science: Why do aeroplanes leave trails in the sky
* Animal world: Humpback whales
* 2 animated picture stories: SamSam and Polo
* Interactive and fun games: dot to dots, coloring, maze, matching pairs…

StoryBox app is a winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold award (mobile app category).