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Sushi Monster by Scholastic App Review

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Sushi Monster is the newest math app from Scholastic – and also one of the games featured in their recently released FASTT Math Next Generation program. As is the norm for Scholastic, the app is nicely designed and visually appealing, making math practice fun for kids of all ages.

The app offers some variety, allowing the player to choose between addition and multiplication as well as degrees of difficulty within each operation. This makes the app appealing for a wider age range. Once the level is selected, the screen reveals a brightly colored cafeteria setting, with a hungry monster waiting to be fed. A variety of plates containing numbers appear, and the monster holds up a sign with the product the player needs to make. The player chooses numbers that will create a number sentence with the needed result, and when successful, the monster gobbles up the numbers. The app keeps a tally of how many number sentences the player completes correctly. But, be careful! It is possible to end up with numbers that do not fit the remaining number sentences. The products for each round are shown in the upper right corner, allowing the player to plan ahead (or skip a difficult question, if necessary). But be quick! The clock is ticking!

This app works perfectly and offers variety for different ability levels. It is not an app that will entertain a child for hours on end – the purpose of the FASTT Math program is to improve math skills by giving kids 10 minutes of challenging practice a day. The levels within the app are limited, and only addition and multiplication are offered. Although it makes sense that a child who can add and multiply should also be able to subtract and divide, I would have liked to see those operations included to make the app well-rounded. But it’s free, so who’s complaining?

FASTT Math is universally popular with my students, making me feel confident that many kids will enjoy playing Sushi Monster. The bright graphics will draw interest, and the challenging game play will hold their attention.

The Bottom Line

Sushi Monster is one of those apps that you just can’t go wrong with – it is entertaining, educational, and free! Meet Sushi Monster! Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging.

Strengthen reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. Earn points with each correct answer… but watch out for distractions! To be successful, plan ahead and strategically select numbers from the sushi counter.

Meets Common Core State Standards
Extend fact knowledge to support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility in addition and multiplication.

– 7 addition levels
– 5 multiplication levels
– 4 rounds in each level
– 14 target numbers per round
– Replay each round with new numbers

Use speed and accuracy to place sushi pieces near the monster and make the target number. Make a correct equation to feed the monster.

Earn points, stars, trophies, and personal bests to challenge yourself and unlock new levels.

About Sushi Monster & FASTT Math Next Generation
Enjoy this sneak peek of FASTT Math Next Generation! Sushi Monster is just 1 of 18 new games that makes FASTT Math Next Generation smarter, faster, and more fun!
FASTT Math has always provided the most efficient, personalized path to fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Sushi Monster by Scholastic
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