How to teach children protect themselves.

Modern society bring humen many advantage. But it also potentially contain many riskies, especially for children. From when children were born, parents always want to create a healthy environment. But modern society don’t allow parents too many times to protect children everytime. So, teaching children protect themselves can help you and your children so much. Here are some tips for parents.


Some skills should be teach children to protect themselves.

Safety precaution when children play by themselves

Nowadays, because of characteristics of work, almost parents have to let children play by themselves. Children always want to explore more and more. So, there are many riskies around them. Thus, parents should indicate children which things will trigger other dangerous phenomena or not. To do this, parents can let children see some real situations happened before through TV, newspapers or real people around them. For example, parents can indicate children that drinking pesticides is very dangerous via an article in newspaper. Adults should let children see the consequences of this circumstances. That is children drinking pesticides have to lie in emergency room of hospitals. After that, children will have aware to ask adults before touching something.

Avoid being invased body.

To help children avoid being invased, parents should teach children some necessary knowledge. Parents should let children know that strangers can’t touch kids. Parents should teach children how to react when they are invased body. There are some ways to do it. For examples, parents can teach children shout when a strangers force children do something. Parents can teach children who are believable around children. Besides, children need to know where are the safe places. After know these things, children can protect themselves when their body are invased.

Solving when losing way

With higher and higher requirement of entertainment, there are more and more children lose way in public places. To ensure that children will be safe when losing ways, parents should teach children something below. First, children should be taught to ask staff in public places. You should let children know features of staff at public places. At each places, staff have uniform. You should teach children request staff at entertainment places assistant. And parents also should teach children ask how to go home. Parents should indicate some safe places children can come. They are police station, some store, …

Safety when participate in transportation

Parents should teach children some traffics gesture of policeman or policewomen. Besides, parents should teach children some traffic signs. Children need to know about traffic lights, which places for walkers. Knowing those things, children can be safe when going out.


When children are at home alone.

Parents should remind children these things below. First, children don’t open the door for anybody without parents’ permission. With strangers, children definitely shouldn’t open the door. In case children realize that it’s not strangers, you can teach children call for parents. You should sit a while with children to help them learn by heart their parents mbile phonbe numbers . By this way, children can ask parents whether they can open the door for anybody or not.

When natural disasters happen

Natural disasters can’t be avoided easily. And you can’t always be with your children. So, teaching your children how to protect themselves when natural disasters happen is necessary. Parents should suppose some situations about some kind of natural disasters. Then, you should indicate clearly how to solve these problems. For example, parents suppose that there is an earthquake will come. Then, you should teach your children some ways to be safe. They can be roll like foetus, should not use lifter or stairs.
In sonclusion, these are something can make parents help children protect themselves. I hope all parents use these tips can help children avoid being attacked by any dangerous things around.