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The Cat in the Hat – Read & Learn App Review

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Price: $3.99


Oceanhouse Media has taken its traditional version of The Cat in the Hat and has turned it into an educational experience. As kids go through this iconic story they can build a variety of early learning skills including letter recognition, spelling, rhyming, and reading comprehension skills. These simple activities help enhance kids’ experience while they read and make the whole thing more entertaining.

Features include:

  • Highlighted narration
  • 31 learning activities
  • 2 reading options
  • Fun sound effects and images


Oceanhouse Media is known for creating high-quality ebooks and this new read & learn version of The Cat in the Hat is no exception. The book features an easy-to-navigate format and the option to skip ahead to a selected page. A settings section allows kids to choose from two different reading options. They can also turn off the music, sound, picture words, and learning activities. As kids read through the story, they’ll hear clear narration and fun sound effects, along with slightly animated pictures.


As kids read through the book, they’ll find many of the same educational features found in other Oceanhouse Media books. The text features highlighted narration with the “Read to Me” option and also provides a “Read it Myself” option for more confident readers. Parents can track minutes and pages read in the parent info section. Kids can also tap on individual words to hear them read aloud.

In addition to the standard ebook features, this version of the story includes 31 learning activities. These activities come in the form of basic multiple-choice questions with a few drag-and-drop activities thrown in. They cover a wide range of skills, from phonics to reading comprehension. Kids can find the activities by tapping on different images to reveal hidden stars.


The story of The Cat in the Hat alone provides a wealth of entertainment for kids. Adding in the narration, animation, and hidden learning activities only increases the entertainment factor. Kids will also be entertained by fun sound effects throughout the story and positive phrase when they correctly answer the questions throughout the app.


This ramped-up version of The Cat in the Hat comes with 31 learning activities hidden among the pages. This extra focus on learning increases the value of the app. However, the simple nature of the activities and the advertisements for additional developer apps may make parents wish the app was priced lower than it is.

Child Friendliness

The app has been designed to make it easy for children to navigate and enjoy. All of the parental areas are protected. This includes a link to the Dr. Seuss bookshelf and a basic parental area. Unfortunately, one of the protected elements also comes in the form of a pop-up ad for the Dr. Seuss Treasury that appears when children open the app.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)
  • YES pop-up ads for developer apps (protected, but visible)
The Cat in the Hat – Read & Learn
The Cat in the Hat
The iconic Dr. Seuss story, The Cat in the Hat, gets an educational makeover in this fun read & learn app.
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