The Parents Guide To The Nintendo Labo

We also know about the Nintendo Switch and now you may be hearing whispers of the new “Nintendo Labo” that’s hit the gaming scene. Your kids are probably all gabbing about it and asking for a trip to the store to buy a kit of their own. But, as a parent, you may not be totally in tune with what the heck they’re even talking about!

Don’t worry, we’re breaking it down for you.

What is it? Who is it for? What kind of kits are available? Is it worth it? Scroll through our Parent Guide to the Nintendo Labo and fine-tune your knowledge on the product before diving in with your credit card.

What Is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo is a series of DIY kits that coincide with the Nintendo Switch.

These sets bring an entirely new dimension to the gaming community and breathe new life into your children’s afternoon with their favorite system.

Kids will pick a kit that peeks their interest and then spends time doing its construction. A car or a piano, the cardboard bits will come to life with the Nintendo Switch after the DIY-ing has come to a close.

Who Was It Created For?

If you’re wondering whether the Nintendo Labo kits are right for your kiddo’s or not, don’t fret. They’re not only completely appropriate but we love how they’re adding a new element of creativity to the gaming world – a world that sometimes doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of playtime.

Recommended for school-age children, project times can vary from as little as 10 minutes to several hours – to make sure their attention span is ready for focusing. Smaller children could have a great time helping out older siblings though!

Types Of Nintendo Labo Kits

Variety Kit (Toy Con 1) | $69.99

You get five different projects within the Variety Kit including: two cars, a fishing rod, house, motorbike, and a piano. All you need is the Nintendo Switch to make each piece come to life once it’s built.

The projects in this particular kit are really fun to personalize and add color to. And, this boxed set adds a new level of fun with Mario Kart. This is a great option for first-time buyers to get their hands dirty and a fun selection of DIYs to try. Buy from $69.99

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Robot Kit (Toy Con 2) | $76.99

labo-robot-kitWith this kit, kids get to play as a robot! It’s a one size fits all project – but don’t worry, the straps are adjustable.

Once you get the construction done, you can start playing, unlocking new powerful abilities, and even customize your bot’s appearance with markers. You can even challenge friends with their own robots and invent new ways to play. Buy from $76.99

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Vehicle Kit | $69.99 (currently for pre-order)

switch-labo-vehicle-kitThe vehicle kit doesn’t just let you play as the driver of a car, but there’s the option to be in the seat of a plane or submarine as well! There’s such a great amount of options available within this kit.

Once the creations are constructed, players can put them to the test. Races, battles, and explorations are all apart of what you get within the vehicle labo kit!  Buy from $69.99

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Is It Worth The Buy?

Overall, the reviews have spoken highly of this new addition to the Nintendo family. Not only are the kiddos enjoying it, but their parents are getting in on the action and having fun too.

These are wonderful for stimulating creativity on a rainy afternoon but it’s also an excuse to get the entire family together as well. So, is it worth the buy? We think so!

Fun Bits To Know

You can decorate your creations. Tape or paint, you can check out some of the “how” here.
There’s an entire community of creators. Share them all and check out others while grabbing inspiration.
Invent new ways to play. Visit the Toy-Con Garage.