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  • Timeline Civil War
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Timeline Civil War is a highly interactive tool for those wanting to learn about an important time in American history.

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Timeline Civil War is a full featured app with tons of content about the Civil War. Information is presented in multiple ways which is important when covering such a serious topic.

Features include:

  • Multiple view options
  • Search capability
  • Highly interactive app


Timeline Civil War contains many high quality design features; photos, graphics and audio clips are all terrific. The interface offers flexibility in viewing and searching the information and the app is easy to use for a wide range of ages.


Two great features help the user get started and will help prevent the app from becoming too overwhelming; the introductory video and quick start guide can be easily accessed at any time.

Timeline, carousel and map views are just a few options for viewing the information. The ability to search and bookmark information is also available. The “On this Day in History” is a fun feature highlighting events or facts that occurred on this date during the Civil War.

The details included go beyond what one would expect; facts such as the role of women on the battlefield, population of a state in 1860, the number of volunteers and which side they supported, number of dead and the state capital are just a few.

Battle locations can be viewed on a map, find out who won the battle and the date. A recent update to the app included a live map feature allowing users to find directions to various locations on the map.


This app is not being rated for entertainment as it is not intended to entertain as a game app is; however, the number of interactive features and variety of how information is presented will aid in keeping users interested. An app such as this can make learning American history much more interesting.


Timeline Civil War is an iPad only app. It is an extremely large download and an internet connection is required for some features. The current price is just under six dollars which makes this app more family-friendly. While this is a high quality app with a large amount of content, the file size could deter some people as it impacts the number of apps a family or school can store on their iPad.

Child Friendliness

Due to the nature of this app, it may not be suitable for children under age 9. Parents of young children may want to preview the app before introducing it to their children.

Social media links are located in a menu along with additional apps by the developer.

Timeline Civil War is a highly interactive tool for those wanting to learn about an important time in American history.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars