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Times Tables Machine, a universal app, can be customized to suit each individual’s needs, is intuitive and reasonably priced. Designed to look similar to a slot machine, without all of the bells and whistles of one, provides the ability to work with times tables up to 15.


Users – Times Tables Machine is a multi user app. During testing I was able to create over 15 users, all with different settings. This section is where you would come to switch users. One nice feature in this section is you can quickly see at a glance the settings for each user.

Tables – choose any single table to be included in the quiz or any combination of tables, tables for 2 through 15 are available.

Order – choose random or sequential; random allows you to choose the number of questions to be included in the quiz, seven options with 5 to 100 questions are available; sequential is preset to 48 questions.

Up to – choose from 12 or 15; this option is for the highest number to be included in the set of questions; such as 2 x 12 or 2 x 15.

Hints – choose to show or not show the hints. This one took me a few minutes to figure out what was meant by showing the hints. If hints are set to show, the user may see something similar to the following for the multiplication problem 1 x 3:





If hints are set to not show, for 1 x 3 the user may see:

0 2


2 4

3 5

Time – choose whether quizzes should be timed; if timed, choose maximum game time and maximum time per questions; nine options are available in each.

Gaps – choose from use gaps only, normal questions or mixed with gaps. Normal questions would always appear with a question in the answer place, example: 2 x 8 = ?. Gaps only would have a question mark in place of one of the multipliers, example: 3 x ? = 6 or ? x 5 = 25. Mixed would include a combination of both normal and gap questions. Using gaps could assist your child in learning how to divide simple numbers.


Using a keypad the user enters their answers to the multiplication problems presented. How the problems appear will depend on the options you choose in the Settings. The keypad is easy to use even on the smaller screened devices.

Lookup Tables

Lookup Tables is an especially nice feature that allows the user to view the multiplication tables up to 15. The tables are easy to read and moving through them can be done quickly.


Scores show the history of the last 10 games played for the current user and all of the applicable statistics; such as date quiz was taken, types of questions, percentage of correct answers, number of questions, which times tables were included and so on.


In the Credits section are buttons for rating the app and sending an e-mail to the developer, and a brief in-app help section. With the buttons tucked away here, your child is less likely to accidently press a button that will cause them to exit the app.


Moving between the screens is simple and intuitive; the main menu is always one click away with all of the screens only being one click away from the main menu.

The colors and sounds used in the design are not distracting in any way. Bright colored buttons placed against a metallic looking background makes the user feel as though they are really playing a slot machine. The only sounds in the app, which can be muted, are used for feedback while the user is playing the game. No additional music or sounds are included.

Times Tables Machine does not contain any in-app purchase or social media buttons.

Bottom line

Parents and teachers will both like the flexibility and price of Times Tables Machine; kids will have fun while improving their multiplication skills.

Our Times Tables Machine is an app very much focussed on its objective in teaching kids their times tables.

After incorporating a number of requests from some of our users we feel that with version 1.3 we have an appealing and functionally very rich Times Tables app allowing the young and the more accomplished player to practise and improve their times tables / division skills.

The game bares a likening to a slot machine in that the questions are ‘rolled’ into view. The app is functionally incredibly rich and encompasses an easy configurable settings screen where each player’s options can be configured as to:

* times tables selection,

* random/sequential,

* up to 12 or 15,

* number of questions,

* hints,

* variety of timing option

* should the questions contain gaps (teaching divisions) or be shown in standard format.

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