Tips For Improving Communication With Your Children

Want to improve communication with your children? Of course you do. Help yourself be a better parent and help your children grow up great by talking to them using non-threatening language. Keep the following examples in mind to promote better lines of communication.

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Lunch Example

Don’t Say: “If you don’t finish your lunch, we aren’t going to the water park.”

Do Say: “We will go to the water park once you finish your lunch.”

“Come Here!” Example

Don’t Say: “For the last time, come over here right now!”

Do Say: “Do you need help coming over here, or should I help you?”

Toy Example

Don’t Say: “Stop freaking out or your favorite toy is going in the garbage!”

Do Say: “I understand that you feel sad right now. How about we hug it out and we’ll play with your favorite toys later?”

Door Example

Don’t Say: “Don’t you slam that door!”

Do Say: “Please close the door carefully. Would you like me to show you how to close a door quietly?”

Cereal Example

Don’t Say: “I told you we are out of [your favorite cereal.] Eat what’s in front of you and don’t ask me about it again.”

Do Say: “I get that you’re missing your favorite cereal right now. It’s my favorite too! If I had a magic wand I would make a big bowl of it appear before you right now. How about we eat what we have and we can get more of your favorite when we go grocery shopping later?”

Sibling Example

Don’t Say: “Share your toy with your sister, or you’re going to your room!”

Do Say: “I understand that your sister wants to play with your favorite toy. She doesn’t have that toy, so how about you show her how to play with it the right way? Once you’re finished you can both play outside for longer than usual.”