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Trucks HD for iPad features five different activities involving various transportation vehicles. Easy and simple to use, Trucks HD lets children wash cars, tow vehicles and repair flat tires, sort and recycle various materials, control traffic, and work a construction site.

The five activities are very easy to operate and children can figure out what to do quickly, without getting frustrated or bored. The car wash activity involves getting a vehicle muddy, washing, rinsing, drying, and driving away. Repeat the process with a new vehicle as many times as desired. The tow truck activity has the child place a sharp object in the road for a vehicle to drive over, causing a flat tire. Children then operate a tow truck, and take the vehicle to a repair shop where they put it on a lift and replace the tire with one of 8 new tire options.

The recycling activity is more complex and involved than the other activities. First the child is asked to drag the items that are scattered in the street into the correct compost, garbage, or recycling containers. The containers automatically open when the object gets close, making it easy to put the items in the correct container. After the street is cleared, children then have to tap the container that matches the truck. A monkey then empties the compost, recycling, or garbage bins into the truck.

The traffic activity allows children to control the flow of traffic by tapping the stoplight to change the colors to either red, yellow, or green. Children have the option to make the cars move on the background, providing a wide variety of cars, or keeping the cars stationary while the background moves. Some vehicles have interactive features – tap the cement truck to spill cement on the road, tap any emergency vehicle to hear the siren, tap the mail truck to send mail flying into the air, and more!

The construction site activity lets children control the dump truck to load either dirt, gravel, or sand from piles to dump off the edge of a cliff. The front-end loader then clears away the material that was dumped. Children can make piles of the same material grow larger, but front-end loader will automatically clear away the material when you a new materials is dumped.

Instrument background music featuring six different kid friendly tunes plays throughout the activities, but can be muted on the main page.

Although there are no in-app purchases or social media links in this app, a link at top of main page screen will exit the app and direct you to Duck Duck Moose’s page in iTunes where users can download their apps.

Bottom Line

Kid-friendly, easy, and fun to play, Trucks HD for iPad is one to add to your collection! Welcome to Trucks! Trucks includes 5 different activities: Soap and rinse a car in a carwash, drive a garbage truck, tow a car with a tow truck and fix a flat tire, dump dirt with a dump truck, and play with a car and truck parade. You’ll see an ice cream truck, fire truck, cement truck, police car, mail truck, ambulance, and much more!

Trucks is an educational app that will teach children about sequencing, sorting, and problem solving. The activities encourage experimentation and will stimulate their imaginations.

1) CARWASH: Roll a car through the mud, and into a carwash! Clean the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Squirt water jets to rinse off your car then dry it off.

2) TOW TRUCK: Help fix a flat tire. Use a tow truck to take a car to the tire shop. Raise the car up to a platform, change the tires, and choose the hubcab you want!

3) GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Clean up the street and sort items into garbage, compost, and recycling bins. Learn about garbage and recycling and earn a “Green Score.” Dump the correct bin into the garbage, recycling, and compost trucks.

4) BULLDOZER & DUMP TRUCK: Use the dump truck to create a pile of dirt, then take it away with a bulldozer.

5) CAR PARADE: Play with a fire truck, ambulance, ice cream truck, cement truck, police car, and much more! Control their speed with by touching the red, yellow, and green signal lights.

Instrumental music recorded especially for this app with guitar and drums includes popular nursery rhymes: Wheels on the Bus, Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Yankee Doodle, and When the Saints Go Marching In.

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