Who’s Hiding There?

Who’s Hiding There? App Review

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Who’s Hiding There? is an interactive ebook designed for the very young. An energetic group of forest animals plays a game of hide and seek, assisted by young users. The goal is to find each creature and tap on it to “find” it. The book is narrated and ready for little ones to enjoy independently.

Features include:

  • Three different selections of soothing background music
  • Interactive activities to hold children’s interest
  • Brightly colored illustrations
  • Silly sound effects
  • No internet connection required


The ebook Who’s Hiding There? is a high quality app that will be easy for young children (ages 3-5) to use independently. Every feature works well, and developers did a nice job of selectively animating the important parts of each picture. The artwork is simple, yet attractive, and the animals resemble nothing so much as stuffed creatures that every child has in his or her collection. The controls are simple and intuitive- it’s easy to spot the “select a page” feature so kids can go straight to their favorite part of the book, and easy to see how to advance the pages.


This ebook is educational. It will help preschoolers develop attention and skills to follow directions. In addition, it will help them develop the critical readiness skill of closure. This is how we recognize items even when we can only see a portion of the whole. By showing the animals’ tails or other small sections, kids will learn to recognize and predict which animal friend is hiding on each page. I do wish there was a bit more to the story. At 16 pages, it seems like it is over remarkably quickly, and I believe even young children would enjoy a bit more of this activity.


Preschoolers will love this hide-and-seek game! The developers did a fine job of describing the tail of each animal and calling attention to it on the page using animation and fun sound effects. Successful tapping will cause the animal to pop out of its hiding place and reveal its identity. Kids will feel accomplished when they can find each animal and predict which friend they will see.


This app costs $2.79 on the App Store and $1.99 on Google Play. This may be a good value for young preschoolers, but it’s possible that it may not have much replay value for the upper end of the age range (4ish). If your child enjoys hide and seek, needs to work on closure, or likes animals, this might be the perfect app, though.

Child Friendliness

Who’s Hiding There? is very child-friendly. There are no outside advertisements or in-app purchases. There are no active links, and the app can be used when your device is completely disconnected from the internet, which is the ultimate safety feature.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
Who’s Hiding There?
Who's Hiding There?
Who’s Hiding There? is a pleasant ebook app designed for preschoolers (ages 3-5). Young children will enjoy the colorful illustrations, the animated segments of the story, the professional narration, and the challenge of finding each creature to move the game along.
Child Friendly