Wonster Words Learning Games App Review

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Wonster Words Learning offers hands-on and manipulative phonics-based spelling practice for kids. Each phonics pack stresses a common phonetic element, such as the –at letter cluster or the /ch/ sound with a lengthy list of words that contain the element. Players slide or catch letters to spell target words, then watch a brief video to help them increase their understanding. There are also a selection of animated stories that reinforce the concepts.

Features include:

  • Teaches word-building skills and phonics
  • Improves recognition of spelling patterns
  • Develops vocabulary
  • Provides low-stress learning of critical literacy concepts
  • Builds early literacy skills


Wonster Words Learning is an outstandingly high-quality app. It’s easy to use and intuitive for young children, yet has an array of crucial skills that they can learn. Developers used clear recordings for the phonics sounds (the letters and letter clusters are clearly enunciated), and the artwork is fun, brightly colored, and vivid. There is a protected parents’ area that houses social media, email, and other links as well as a settings section that controls if words are presented in capital or lower case forms.


Wonster Words Learning is highly educational and does a great job of meeting its target objectives. The app is designed to help emergent readers gain skill with recognizing spelling patterns that will help them sound out new words, such as learning the –at letter cluster and applying it to simple words such as “cat” as well as larger words such as “acrobat.” Each section includes a spelling activity that requires sliding, catching, or uncovering letters to spell the target word, then children are rewarded with a short video that shows the word’s meaning in a fun and relatable manner. There are also “stories” interspersed with the lessons that reinforce the skills taught and build an engaging story for kids to follow along. There are also several fun mini-games that children can access after working with the activities for a while.

One concern, however, is that developers were not consistent with the sounds the letters make in certain words.  For example, when spelling the word “prototype,” each letter makes its sound when it is touched and slid into place. This is wonderful until a player touches the letter “y,” which is voiced as “eee” instead of “I”.  Many young learners could find this quite confusing. Similarly, in the word “spotlight,” the G and the H are voiced with their usual sounds as they are set into place, but in the word, the combination is actually silent.


This app is highly entertaining, particularly for the target age group of preschool through young elementary students. The stories and minigames are loads of fun and leave the user wanting more. The artwork and monsters are quite endearing, too. The app does a nice job of mixing fun with learning and will keep young children engaged as well as improve their skills.


Wonster Words Learning is free to try on the App Store, making it an outstanding value. The initial download comes with over 15 words to learn about as well as a free “word of the day” feature. It’s a healthy sample to help parents and teachers decide if the app will help their children.  When you fall in love, the entire package (the All Access Pass) can be purchased for $14.99, or adults can purchase individual sound packages (such as “PH” words or stories) for 99 cents. This would help users provide a very personalized experience for students.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. All links, email, and purchase links are behind an effective parent gate. Unpurchased modules are visible to kids, however, so that children can see what is available that is not yet purchased.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links & social media)
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase (protected but visible)
Wonster Words Learning: ABC Phonics & Spelling
Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling
Wonster Words Learning is an outstanding phonics and spelling practice app that will help young students develop understanding and internalize common spelling patterns that will help them memorize familiar words and learn to decode new ones. It’s fun and entertaining as well as very solid educationally speaking.
Child Friendly