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If you have a preschooler or kindergartener in your house that is learning to read, then do I have the app for you! Wonster Words is an incredibly fun app that combines phonics and learning with some incredibly cute and silly monster friends. This app will not only teach your child letter sounds, how to blend letter combinations, and how to sound out words all while keeping them entertained with fun short videos after they spell a word.

Wonster Words is a free download that comes with about a dozen free words plus more in the free “Word of the Day”. There is an option to purchase packages of other words, but for this review I only tested the free version. However, even with the limited number of words I had this app was still so fun and I absolutely loved it!

To start play, you simply tap on the letter family you would like your child to practice. I played the “-at” word family and the “-ut” word family. Once you have selected the word family, tap on the first word to start playing. A word that includes the word family you chose will appear on the screen and the letters to spell the word will be somewhere on the screen as well. The player must use their finger to tap and drag the letter to the correct place in the word. As you tap the letter, the sound it (or they) make will play over and over again so the child can learn the sound the letter makes. Once you have correctly placed the letters, a short video about the word you spelled will play. The videos feature some really adorable monsters and their silly antics will make your child giggle for sure! Play continues from word to word until you have completed all eight words in the set.

There are so many things about this app that I love that I am not sure where to begin! The graphics and animation are high-quality, with bright and vibrant colors and fun voices and sound effects. The silliness of the app is the perfect way to keep kids engaged and even made me laugh several times. The voices that do the letter sounds were my favorite! They are so fun to listen to and repeat and my son very quickly associated the letters with the silly sounds and could say them before he even tapped on it. I really, really love the way this app introduces children to blending sounds and word families. By grouping together words that have the same ending or beginning sounds, children learn quickly through repetition and learn about why words rhyme. I was amazed at how playing this app for a short time, even with the limited access I had, carried over into other words that my son read. He recognized letter families in other words and knew how to blend the sounds, even though he hadn’t been exposed to them yet in the app. This is a definite must –have for your kids! Try out the free version and I promise you’ll soon be paying for additional word packages because this app is just that good!

Wonster Words Review
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