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This stylish, colorful app is filled with hilarious characters to teach kids how to problem solve. Mixing imagination with reality, illustration with photo, and learning with fun, this game really does offer the best of all worlds.

Yum Yum! is a fun and interactive app that really gets kids involved in the action. The app is perfect for toddlers and preschool children. The premise of the app is that some hungry animals have forgotten how to find their food, so you have to help them. The narrator guides the user through a number of beautifully animated scenes brought to life by the modern animations and fun sound effects.

    • Features include:

      • Fun sound effects
      • Stylish design
      • Problem solving
      • Optional narrator

This is a top quality app. The style of animation is captivating, modern and fun. It merges photography with illustrations to give the app a unique look. The narrator guides you through what to do, and can be switched off once you’ve got the hang of the game. The characters are brought to life by the funny voices and cute catch phrases. Your child will love exploring this fantasy world, finding the hidden food, and feeding the hungry animals.


This app is great for teaching your child how to problem solve. Each of the five scenes contains a hungry animal and some hidden food. The player must find the food in order to feed the animal. There are also hidden extras to play with in the scenes. Preschoolers will love exploring each scene and finding the food to feed their animal. Once fed, the animal thanks the user, and this positive reinforcement will add to the child’s enjoyment of the game. The app teaches the value of doing good for others – an important lesson for any preschooler!


Yum Yum! is a really fun game. Preschoolers will get a lot of enjoyment from watching the cute animals gobble up their food. The animations are great to look at, and the voices are really funny and will have any child giggling away. Once all the animals have been fed, they sit on the home screen and ask the player to light the bonfire to keep them warm. This is a game that can be played again and again.


Yum Yum! is well worth the minimal download price. The app can be enjoyed like a story, and will be played time and time again. The app will help your child to develop their imagination, teach them the value of being kind to others, and provide hours of entertainment.

This app is as child friendly as you can get. There are no adverts, no links to social media sites and no sneaky links taking you to the app store to buy add ons. You’ll be able to hand your tablet or phone over safe in the knowledge that your child (and your credit card!) will be safe.

Yum Yum! – Feeding animals for toddlers and children
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