123 Kids Fun Puzzle Green HD – Promo Codes for Full Version!


123 Kids Fun Puzzle Green HD is a kind of jigsaw, which develops patience, commitment and at the same time stipulates children to be persistent and focused as well as able to plan their activities. Puzzle, as a perfect example of a building game, also develops precision of movements and design skills while matching elements. There are 84 pictures with 3 difficulty levels (3, 6 or 12 puzzle pieces) in 7 categories to solve: Alphabet, Birds, Toys, Dogs and cats, Numbers, Shapes, Togr and Mila.

Here’s are some promo codes. Please let us know which ones you use and give a rating below. Enjoy!

  1. 33X4E9J67KYE
  2. 7YJPYT6FW999
  3. 7XEMLWPL3J64
  5. 36WME3LENN4X