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Pop ABCs – Letters & Letter Sounds is a universal app that could serve multiple purposes. It could be used with kids to work on identifying their letters and letter sounds or as a game.

Stop by the Moms and Dads Zone for in-app instructions on how to play. Some of the tips will help kids earn higher scores and it offers ideas of how the app can be used to increase its educational value; such as encouraging the kids to say the letter aloud as they collect them.

The object of the game is earn as many points as possible by connecting letters or symbols, collecting fruit, eggs and other objects. There are many ways for kids to earn points. Prevent the letters from reaching the top. If they do reach the top they will be replaced with a colored tile. The game will end early if the column of colored tiles reaches the bottom. When more than two letters are joined the letter name is spoken.

With the targeted audience being 4 to 10 year olds, the game is lively; colorful objects and dynamic music make for an entertaining setting. Each of the five levels is timed and contains six letters; the last level includes a few symbols such as the question and exclamation marks. When the child completes all five levels, a celebratory screen with the entire alphabet appears. It doesn’t stay on the screen long and users are not able to interact with it. Allowing interaction with this screen would increase the educational value of the app.

To ensure that the app is completely kid-safe go into your device settings and turn off the JAJDO popup, which will take kids out of the app. Pop ABCs does not contain in-app purchases, ads or social media.

Bottom line

Pop ABCs offers an entertaining way for young kids to work on recognizing the letters of the alphabet.
Pop ABCs: Fun Alphabet Puzzle Game for kids and family

★★★★★ Perfect for 4-10 years old ★★★★★

In Pop ABCs, your child will learn the alphabetic principle: to recognize letters and learn how letters are pronounced and sound. Once children are able to hear and discern sounds (phonemes), they are ready to associate those sounds with letters.

With timeless 8-bit gameplay, wacky sound FX, points bonuses, colorful graphics and a clear learning objective, Pop ABCs is that rare thing: a game for all the family.

★ Identify and master your ABCs ★

★ Play in the style of a classic puzzle game. ★

App Features:

– Classic puzzle game play

– Full color graphics

– Alphabet in your language choice

– Phonic repetition of letters

– Easy to use tutorials

– Tested by kids

– Reviewed by preschool education experts

– No in app purchasing

The ability to hear and discriminate phonemes is highly associated with reading readiness in early childhood and considered a critical skill for the development of reading skills.

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