Quickly Undo Typing on Your iPhone

delete keyIf your thumbs and other digits often get in the way while you’re trying to text or type a note, you’re going to love this tip on how to quickly undo typing.

Just shake!

Deleting unwanted letters that are mistakenly typed while texting isn’t particularly difficult, but it is time consuming. And if you’ve managed to type a whole line of nonsense, it’s also tiring.

delete key

Instead of repeatedly hitting the delete key, as shown above, when you need to erase letters or words, just shake your phone. That’s right, just shake your phone from side to side and this message will pop up, confirming that you really want to undo the last characters you’ve typed.

undo typing


Word of warning: Using the shake method will undo everything you last typed, not just the last character. So this works best if you’ve somehow managed to type a whole string of nonsense rather than just a single wrong letter. If a single letter is your problem it’s best to go with the delete key.

You can shake to undo typing on both the iPhone and iPad in every Apple-based program (such as Messages, Notes, Reminders, etc.), and also many third-party apps.