4 Tips to Finding the Best Apps for Your Children


“Mommy, can I play games on your phone?”

Sound familiar? Smartphones, welcome or not, are here to stay. With such a wide variety of games on the app stores, you and your children have more choices than ever.

Since kids have all sorts of different interests, it can be tricky to find apps and games that are the right combination of educational yet fun. The secret is knowing what to look for.

Below is a short guide for finding the best apps for you and your children.

1. Learn How to Distinguish Educational Apps from Others

The first thing you should do when searching for a good children’s app is to determine if it is actually educational or not. Read the app description and keep a sharp eye for learning goals and objectives.

Just because an app isn’t math, science, or reading related, doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily educational. Think beyond typical education and be a good judge as to whether the app promotes other important skills such as memory learning, building habits, or others.

There are lots of different apps out there that offer a wide variety of unique learning experiences. Don’t be afraid to think creatively while searching for a new one.

2. Choose Apps That Mesh with Your Children’s Interests

Children have an extremely pure view of the world. If something highly interests them, they chase it. Use this to your advantage when picking a good app for them to play with.

Is your child interested in dinosaurs? Animals? What about astronauts? Or maybe rockin’ a pair of shades at the beach?

The app you choose should speak to your children’s passions and what they find enjoyable. It should encourage them to explore a world they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They will be much happier and inclined to learn if the characters on-screen bring them excitement and joy.

3. Look for Apps That You Can Play Together

Or at the very least, find apps that you can talk about with your child. Kids love playing in groups, whether that is with siblings, you as parents, or other children. It brings them joy and helps them feel more connected with the world.

Play time on your phone is a great way to bond and strengthen the relationship that you have with your child. If you can find apps with two-player modes, great! If not, always plan to watch alongside and encourage them throughout their exciting learning experience.

4. Check Reviews and Ask Family or Friends for Recommendations

Lots of children’s apps may look appealing from the design and copy written on their descriptions. You should always do further investigating before introducing a new app to your child.

Check the reviews, especially the poor ones, to find out why other people rated them that way. Are there inappropriate ads? In-game purchases geared toward tricking your children?

Don’t forget to reach out to friends and family as well for app feedback and suggestions. A lot of times, they are going through the exact same things as you. Often times, the best apps are found by – not surprisingly – the ones that know you best.

Wrapping Up

Playing games with your kids can be a fun and educational time for the entire family. Use the guide above to help you choose the right apps for your children. Smartphones and technology can sometimes be a wonderful thing if embraced in the right light.