63 – Find Sixty Three Numbers

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63 is a unique numbers app that challenges players to solve number puzzles by tapping on the correct numbers. It’s not as easy as tapping the numbers in order from 01 to 63. Players must figure out what the puzzle is, and then tap out the numbers in the correct order.

Features include:

  • Multiple modes of play
  • Hint to help solve problems
  • Logic-based number puzzles
  • Fun game for kids


Unfortunately, the app suffers from a few quality issues. It takes some time to start and it may freeze up at the beginning and during play. The app is laid out well and the numbers appear clearly on the screen in a good font size. On the side of the screen, the timer is displayed clearly as well. However, if users pause the game and open the menu, the screens can overlap a bit and the game must be restarted to get it display clearly.


Kids must figure out how to tap the numbers to make the disappear from the screen. Each puzzle focuses on something different, but what the game focuses on isn’t immediately clear. However, kids will improve their logical thinking skills and their knowledge of numbers as they play and try to figure out the game.


It can be a bit frustrating to try and figure out how to play the game. However, once kids learn how to play, they’ll find that the game becomes a great way to pass the time. They’ll be encouraged to improve their time for each round and that will keep them playing multiple rounds.


The game is free to download and play. Unfortunately, it features a lot of ads in between levels of play and also has kids watch ads to earn additional hints.

Child Friendliness

To play, users need a Google Play Gamer ID. This is automatically assigned and doesn’t use any personal information from kids. The game also features a lot of ads between levels, when pausing a level, and when players want to earn additional hint lights.

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