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Can you find the clues and escape the room to free the love birds in 996 Escape Games - Free the Love Birds, a fun puzzle app for teens?

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If you enjoy escape games, you’ll enjoy 996 Escape Games – Free the Love Birds. The premise of the game is that two love birds have been kidnapped. It’s your job to find and put together the clues to set them free. As you walk throughout the rooms, you’ll have to solve a variety of puzzles, gather pieces of codes, and figure out how it all goes together.

Features include:

  • Clues to find
  • Puzzles to solve
  • Logic and creative reasoning skills
  • Suspenseful environment


996 Escape Games – Free the Love Birds and its counterparts are fun games. However, they would be much more appealing if the quality was improved. In general, the game responds well to player interactions and players can fairly easily tap on objects to reveal clues or add them to their collection. Other aspects of the game, lack quality. For example, the introduction is written using fragments, run-on sentences and other errors in grammar and punctuation. The game also features ads at the top of the screen that are partly cut off given the size of the ad bar, making the game look like it is of less quality than it is. During the game, on the bottom of the screen, players will see icons for more information and video. These icons are small and easy to miss. The video icon also takes players out of the app to watch a walk-through of the game which is not set up to be easily viewed on mobile devices.


While not inherently educational, escape games like 996 Escape Games – Free the Love Birds encourage logical thinking and reasoning skills. Players must be able to put together all of the information they find in a way that helps them solve the mystery. They must make connections and inferences and draw conclusions. These are all essential skills that students need to develop.


If you enjoy escape games, chances are you’ll like this one. The rooms are full of plenty of clues to uncover and a clock tracks how long it is taking to escape the rooms. The premise of rescuing kidnapped love birds also makes the game a little more engaging.


Players can download the app for free. The free version comes with a lot of ads. However, the ads can be removed through an inexpensive in-app purchase. How much you enjoy escape games and mind the ads will determine whether the price is worth it.

Child Friendliness

An ad appears when the app is first open and additional ads appear on the top of the screen during the game. Occasionally, ads will also pop up during game play. Users can remove apps through an in-app purchase and access to that purchase is unprotected. Additionally, the app contains unprotected external links which take players to the video walk-through.

  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES unprotected external links
  • YES unprotected in-app purchase

Can you find the clues and escape the room to free the love birds in 996 Escape Games - Free the Love Birds, a fun puzzle app for teens?

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars