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Four engaging games for sharpening your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills all delivered in a solid app at a sensible price.

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Available on the App Store

Abby Monkey: Spring Math – Math Games provides a cheerful setting for kids to have fun while they improve their math skills. These upbeat games are full of flowers, bright colors, cute characters and happy music. The games can be customized by choosing which math skill and the level of difficulty to focus on.

Features include:

  • Four spring-themed math games
  • Ability to customize user settings
  • In-app instructions


Charming characters are a big part of the entertaining atmosphere as is the cheery music and game appropriate sounds. Everything about the app makes you think spring; especially, when so many of us are still waiting for spring to appear.

The app’s interface is intuitive, though in-app instructions are included if needed. They provide enough detail to get one started without being time consuming.

Music and sound can be muted from the settings menu, the hunting time for each game can be set here as well and games can be reset.

One change that would boost the app’s quality rating is the ability to replay the same game, with the same settings, without being forced to return to the main menu and work your way back through the menu.

The app includes four Springtime-themed games, all of which can be used to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. All games include three levels of difficulty; easy, medium and hard. The math problems presented within each level provide a good variety which is important in order for an app to be successful. The ability to customize the selection of math problems even further would be useful. Positive feedback is given during the games and again upon completion of the game.

Memory Match and Spring Bingo are just as their names imply; Easter Egg Hunt and Catch Me are similar to each other in that the user touches the egg with the correct answer. The eggs in Catch Me are not stationary as they are in Easter Egg Hunt. The user will need to think a little faster.

Thanks to the cheery atmosphere, variety of games and math problems presented during the games kids will not think of this as an educational app. This app is a great way for kids to practice their math skills without really thinking about it.

While the quality and amount of content go a long way in making this a great value, the addition of in-app multiple user accounts would be a great way to extend that value for families and schools. Changing the user’s name and skill level for each of the users is undesirable when using the app for more than one child. The user’s name is only used for entering the high score.

Making this a universal app would be of value for families who may own different sized devices and are not always able to drag the iPad along or it would be a great way for those who may not own an iPad to benefit from this outstanding app.

For an app of such high quality and so carefully designed for kids, it was surprising to be greeted with a screen full of buttons for external links for things such as additional apps. It is difficult to find the start button, the screen is so busy. Unfortunately, you are greeted with this screen every time you enter the app. Fortunately, kids cannot get back to this screen once they press the start button. Ideally, all of these links would be placed on a protected menu for parents.

Available on the App Store