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Action Graphing is an innovative, interesting and effective tool to teach basic concepts about velocity graphs to students with a creative and unique hands-on, experiential approach.

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Action Graphing is a hands-on, kinesthetic way to explore concepts related to graphs of velocity.  Students studying algebra, physics, and related high school topics can play games and work through several series of lessons about graphing.

Features include:

  • Analyze, interpret, predict and model motion using graphs
  • Use the device’s features to manipulate graphs in games
  • Discover the connection between slope and velocity
  • Physically experience the motion that is shown on the graph
  • Connect mathematics to the real world


Action Graphing is a very high-quality app.  It moves seamlessly between teaching and practice modes, lessons and games, and more.  When calculations are needed, developers included a handy add-on that guides students through the needed equations.  The app does a great job of mixing conceptual learning with hands-on experimentation and interactive practice games.  The one minor drawback is in the directions.  It was very difficult for me (as a math-phobe) to decipher how to physically use the app.  The video on the developers’ website was very helpful and solved the problem, but they should consider putting a bit more tutorial into the app itself.


If I could give this one more than five stars for education, I would.  Action Graphing truly is an outstanding example of using technology to enhance learning.  The app has two goals: to teach that slope represents velocity and to teach that the Y-intercept is where the object starts from.  From these two concepts, developers have built an entire galaxy of experiments, step-by-step learning and practice opportunities. The app is divided into three “chapters,” each of which delve a little deeper and more completely into the uses and creation of graphs related to motion.

I particularly liked the way that each concept is introduced and students are immediately given a chance to try it out experimentally.  After thorough teaching, the app pulls users into an arcade-like experience that relies on tilting the device, shooting and more.  Each lesson adds another layer of complexity, until students who have gone through the entire program will have a thorough understanding of these types of graphs, their meaning, and their creation.


As mentioned, I’m actually somewhat math-phobic.  I avoid math much above the middle school level if at all possible.  Then I played with Action Graphing for an inordinate amount of time to prepare to write this review, and actually had trouble putting it down (once I figured out how to use it).  The app is hugely entertaining, with its experiential focus, interactive features, and action-heavy games.  Best of all, I really do feel I have a better understanding of the concepts. Teens are sure to love it! The developers did a fine job of incorporating fun and learning in respectable doses.


Action Graphing is well worth the investment of $4.99, especially if more than one student will be  using it.  There’s no substitute for hands-on, experiential learning, and this app provides that.  If your student is having some trouble mastering these concepts, or even just needs some palatable extra practice, then I highly recommend this app.

Child Friendliness

Action Graphing is very child friendly.  There are no connections to social media, email, websites, or the App Store.

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Action Graphing is an innovative, interesting and effective tool to teach basic concepts about velocity graphs to students with a creative and unique hands-on, experiential approach.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars