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  • All my Love (for You)
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

All my Love (for You) is a story with a classic feel that will appeal to all members of the family!

All my Love (for You) is a story with a classic feel that will appeal to all members of the family!


Few interactive e-books are designed to appeal to both children and adults. That is not the case with All my Love (for You). This love story is designed with all readers in mind. From the illustrations in shades of blue and light bursts of color to the story itself, the book has a very classic feel. Children may not enjoy this story they are looking for something with a lot of action and interactive elements, but it is the perfect story for quiet moments, such as just before bedtime or while sitting on a loved one’s lap.

Features include:

  • Interactive illustrations
  • Relaxing tone
  • Appealing to multiple ages
  • Read in multiple languages


From the hand-drawn feel of the illustrations to the words of the story, the app feels like it is high-quality. Despite the high-quality feel, the app does lack a few marks of quality. For example, it lacks instructions and an index of pages. It can also be a bit slow, making it hard to get from page to page or return to the page you left off on if you did not finish the book in one sitting.


While the story itself does not focus on a specific set of skills, it still has educational value. Children will learn new vocabulary words as they listen to the story. It will also introduce children to the concept of love and help them see the many forms love can take. The story is full of vivid imagery and gives children read something other than the traditional rhyming story.


The story may be read slowly and the illustrations may not contain a lot of color, but that does not mean the app is boring. In fact, its relaxing feel and overall simplicity makes the entertaining features it offers stand out. Children will be delighted when pops of pastel colors appear as they tap around the blue and white illustrations. On the other hand, at times, the narration is painfully slow and it may be hard to keep some children’s interest.


All my Love (for You) is priced at the higher end of most interactive books for children. Considering the length of the story and the large audience it appeals to the price is somewhat justified.

Child Friendliness

Children will not find ads or distractions in this app. The section for grown-ups and options to change the settings are somewhat hidden, accessible only by pulling on a small semi-circle near the top of the screen. While there is not a lot to distract children, parents may want to read this story with their children in order to keep them interested. The speed at which the text is read may keep children from actually finishing the story and staying focused on the app.

All my Love (for You) is a story with a classic feel that will appeal to all members of the family!

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars