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Toddlers will have fun exploring a wide variety of animal sounds and puzzles in Animals: Sounds & Games. Simple format and fun to play this app is perfect for the little one in your home.

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Animals: Sounds & Games is a simple to use interactive app for children five and under that teaches the sounds of twenty zoo and farm animals. The added mini-games allows children to use their logic and problem solving skills to piece together fun jigsaw puzzles, peg puzzles and to guess the animal when provided the sound. Parents will certainly appreciate the fact that this app is educational and fun to use.
Features include:

  • 20 Animals included
  • Voice record option
  • Puzzles


Animals: Sounds & Puzzles is a fairly simple to use app that teaches children the sounds of a variety of zoo and farm animals. The developers have done a nice job of making the app visually appealing with bright colors and interactive images for young children to enjoy. The sounds for each animal are interesting and are clearly ‘man-made’ which encourages children to record their own sounds. The user interface is simple to use and only requires tapping, touching and holding of buttons to move through the app. One thing to mention is that when moving between games or pages, it takes a little bit for the next page to load. This is not the case when moving from animal to animal, but it is something that could be improved upon as young children have pretty short attention spans.


One of the first things children learn about animals is the sound they make and this app is a great way for children to learn a variety of animal sounds. With 20 animals included from both the zoo and farm, young children can learn new animals and sounds as they play through the app. While this app uses sound to teach the animals, it would be nice to also incorporate the written name of each animal as to encourage children to associate the word with the actual animal. There is also an option for children to record their own animal sounds to be used throughout the app, however this option would require a bit of assistance from parents as it’s not designed for young children to use alone.


It’s always nice for developers to include additional activities for children to enjoy. This app offers three mini-games for little ones to explore. The jigsaw puzzle allows players to piece together their favorite animals which is great. There is also a ‘guess the animal’ game that gives children the chance to select the appropriate animal from the sound provided. This is a fun way to test out what children have learned while playing the app. One thing that parents will want to be aware of is with the third activity. The peg puzzle takes a while to load and at times can kick the player out of the app entirely. This is likely an easy fix that can be made by the developers, but is worth noting.


Parents will certainly appreciate the price of this app as it is offered for free. With 20 animals included, three additional activities, and a voice record option, this app certainly has a lot to offer children as they play and at a price parents will love.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job overall making the app fairly easy to use for young children. However, there are a few spots that could use some work. The transitions between the pages (home to games, games to animals etc.) takes a bit to load and could frustrate some children. There are also buttons (home & voice record options) that require children to tap and hold the buttons in order to access those areas. Changing the option at least for the home button to a single tap would be more user friendly for young children.

Parents will also want to be aware that there is a ‘rate’ option as well as a parents only section, however the developers have made sure that these sections are protected by a math problem. Other than that, there are no additional links or in-app purchases to be concerned about.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • YES “rate us” (protected, but visible)

Toddlers will have fun exploring a wide variety of animal sounds and puzzles in Animals: Sounds & Games. Simple format and fun to play this app is perfect for the little one in your home.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars