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Join Flounder and his underwater friends as they create a special musical surprise for Ariel. Explore the underwater grotto to play music and discover unique interactive treasures!

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Ariel’s Musical Surprise takes children on a ride through Ariel’s sea cove full of incredible finds. Musical instruments, treasure chests, and other fun items allow children to explore this underwater world as they put together a musical surprise for Ariel. This is one app children will truly enjoy because they have the freedom to color various fish and bring them together to create wonderful music.

Features include:

  • 2D Illustrations
  • DreamPlay option
  • Music fun


Ariel’s Musical Surprise includes some truly incredible 2D graphics that allow children to move the device and play as if they were in the app. The high quality images are crystal clear and with the option to use DreamPlay (with specific Little Mermaid toys), children can dive into Ariel’s world. The sound effects included in this app are also very clear. As children play they can hear bubble sounds, water, and a wide variety of instruments as they explore Ariel’s grotto. Children are also going to love the musical sound effects since many of the rhythm’s and sounds come straight from the movie.


This app is not rated on Educational value.


There are several options for fun in this creative app that include coloring fish, creating music, interacting with various treasures, and playing with special Little Mermaid toys in the app. As children move through the app, they will find various fish and other sea creatures to color and add them to the band. Once the band is constructed, they can create some fun musical tunes.

There is also a DreamPlay option that allows children who have specific Little Mermaid toys to enable a special surprise that will bring children into Ariel’s world. For children without the toys they can still enjoy playing with the virtual version within the app itself. In fact, the app is set up to ask children if they have the specific toy at home and if they want to play with the virtual version.

Whether users are exploring Ariel’s vast underwater treasures or playing with their Little Mermaid toys, one thing is for sure, children are going to love this versatile app for all that it offers.


Ariel’s Musical Surprise is free, but does have an in-app purchase option to purchase the virtual toys for additional fun (priced at just under two dollars). Even without the in-app purchase, children can still enjoy selecting and coloring fish as well as creating music with their band for free which is great. For children with the specific Little Mermaid toys at home, the DreamPlay option can be enabled and no additional purchase is necessary.

Child Friendliness

Ariel’s Musical Surprise is a great app for children of all ages to explore the underwater grotto and the many treasures that are there. By easily moving the device around or sliding the scene around with one finger, users will enjoy the 3D effects in the illustrations.

Parents will also appreciate the fact that this app protects all of the “parent” areas. There are no social media links or flashy advertisements to be concerned about. One thing that is worth mentioning though is the in-app purchase link. While it is protected it is set up in the middle of the app and asks children of they have the specific toy at home. If they select “no”, they are asked if they want to purchase the toy. This set-up can cause some users to get a little frustrated and can cause distractions from the rest of the app as it sends users to the “protected” screen making it more difficult to get out of and back to the game.

With that said this app is one that children will really enjoy especially of they love Ariel and The Little Mermaid.

Join Flounder and his underwater friends as they create a special musical surprise for Ariel. Explore the underwater grotto to play music and discover unique interactive treasures!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars