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Budding astronauts can learn about space and boost their space navigation skills as they play fun, space-related games.

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Budding astronauts can learn about space and boost their space navigation skills as they play fun, space-related games. As kids play each of the five different games, they collect space coins which are used to access fun space facts. While the facts themselves may be random, they are perfect for kids who want to know more about space. The games themselves will also entertain kids as they power a rocket ship through space, put the planets in order, tilt their devices to guide a ball to reach a planet, or even build a special space robot. In fact, most kids will enjoy the games and space-themed background music so much that they’ll want to keep going back to space school again and again.

Features include:

  • 5 Modes of Play
  • Ability to earn rewards
  • Tilt and motion games
  • Fun space facts


Low-quality, simplistic graphics and a lack of instructions do not diminish the fun kids can have as they play space-related games and learn fun space facts. The games themselves are simple enough that kids will quickly learn how to play and will discover that their main goal is to collect space coins. However, they may not immediately realize that those coins are used to unlock special space facts.


As kids play space-related games, they collect space coins which help them discover more fun space facts. While kids can learn a lot of neat information, such as the fact that Saturn is mostly made of gas, the facts are not presented with any rhyme or reason. For example, at the end of a game, kids may see a fact about Saturn and also learn the name of the first person in space. The randomness at which facts are presented may make it difficult for kids to retain the information.


Many of the games come accompanied by a short visual description of how to play. Unfortunately, it is often not enough for kids to jump into the game and start playing right away. However, those who are willing to attempt the games anyway will quickly figure them out after some trial and error. The two games kids will appreciate the most are Pilot Training, where they must maneuver the spaceship to collect coins and avoid obstacles and Astro Navigation, where kids must tilt the screen to move a small ball around a track to collect coins and reach a planet.


While it may take thousands of dollars to send a kid to space camp, it only takes a buck or two to help them learn a little more about space. With the multiple games and facts contained within the app, it will be worth every penny. Of course, it may also increase their desire to go to space camp one day.

Child Friendliness

The lack of clear instructions for most games will frustrate kids, but they are intuitive enough for kids to figure them out after a little trial and error. In fact, in the parents section, parents will learn that developers want to encourage children to engage in free-play, which includes having them figure out many of the games for themselves. What kids will not be able to discover on their own is a link to the developer’s other app, which is protected within the realms of the parent corner.

Budding astronauts can learn about space and boost their space navigation skills as they play fun, space-related games.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars