Baby Bites Review


The Baby Bites app is a great way for parents to keep organized while trying out solid foods with their little one.  With Baby Bites, parents can track the introduction of solid foods into their baby’s diet.  I think that this app has a great concept, as it is so difficult to remember everything on your own – having a place to track all the info would be awesome!

When trying to add new foods into your baby’s diet, planning and organization can be essential.  Say you are trying to space out introducing new foods by a few days, the Baby Bites app could help you keep track of what days you try what foods.  Another plus, you can easily make sure you are introducing a good variety of foods by simply reviewing your app to see what you have already tried, and what you have yet to try.  I thought that Baby Bites could be especially helpful for parents who are worried about keep track of reactions or possible food allergies,

I really appreciated the Baby Bites app and the effort that went into developing a useful app that new parents can rely on.  I think that this app could be very useful for parents who are introducing solid foods to their child.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents who are ready to take that next step in the feeding routine!