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Learning colors can be fun with Baby Learns Colors, an iPad app designed for toddlers and preschoolers learning colors in their native language. It can be used for older elementary age kids when learning colors in a foreign language. The app focuses on 12 basic colors.

Kids can learn and play in three different settings; one with fish swimming about, another with animated ink blots or lastly, flying in outer space with spaceships. In the Learn mode kids will learn their colors as they touch the object to hear its color spoken aloud. While in Play mode kids will be instructed to identify the 12 colors. A coloring book activity is also included in the Play mode. The more the kids use the Play mode the more Bebekas they earn. In a separate play area kids can interact with their Bebekas by moving them around, feeding them and so on.

Parents or educators are able to create their own recordings for the colors and feedback responses in each of the three settings. If you choose to create your own recordings you are required to do so for the whole set. Your recordings can be shared with others in the Baby Learns community or you can use downloads from others in the community, including those in foreign languages. A download is required to use the foreign language feature.

While this is a cute app for toddlers and preschoolers the app name and overall design may be too childish for the older kids in the targeted audience.

Baby Learns Colors does not contain in-app purchases or ads; however, it does contain multiple external links and social media buttons on the menu for parents. A note to parents, the pop up messages and animated button for the parents menu on the main screen are likely to draw the user’s attention to the parents menu and Bebeka play area and may be too distracting for young users.

A lite version of Baby Learns Colors is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Baby Learns Colors is an entertaining way for kids to learn colors whether in their native language or a foreign one. The ability to create your own records is available.
Unique features of Baby Learns Colors allow you to create a very personal and fun learning experience for your children. We invite you to:

– record your own voiceover right through the app;

– share your voiceover with the community;

– download the voiceovers created by other members of the community in more than 20 languages;

– play with your Bebeka-prizes in the magical Prize World!

A free trial version (Baby Learns Colors LITE) is also available.

Recommended Ages: 1-3 (for learning colors in a native language); 4-7,8-10 (for learning colors in a foreign language)

Regular Price: $2.99