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Review Summary:

A cast of bean bag characters and numerous interactive activities make learning about the historical trip to the moon aboard Apollo 11 entertaining.

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Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11 is not just about a trip to the moon, it also includes activities that will have young users following simple directions, matching shapes and more.

Features include:

  • Story of Apollo 11’s trip to the moon
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Extras


The bean bag kids are adorable; they along with great music and sounds make the user feel part of the crew. Narration, when available, is pleasant to listen to. The option to mute narration is available, as are two language choices.

The app has been designed for children ages 3-8 and the easy to use interface reflects that. To receive the full benefit of the app, children who are not able to read will need a parent’s assistance.

A scene index is available from a discrete menu. Children may need assistance in getting to the desired scene due to how scenes are included.


Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11 is an interactive story of Apollo 11’s journey to the moon. It is presented in an ideal way for those in the targeted audience.

Integrated into the story are educational activities requiring kids to match shapes, use their fine motor skills, and follow simple directions and more. Also, included on most pages are small notebook pages of additional information, extending the learning opportunities. On the protected Extras menu, children can see how the scenes were made, view a gallery of pictures and a spot the difference mini game.

Text highlighting is available during the main portion of the story. This is one feature that would benefit from some refinement. Text highlighting is not always in sync with the narration and the color/animation needs to be a bit more obvious; something as simple as the words changing to a different color (one that is still easy to read) without the sparkly animation. Narration of the additional information provided on each page would be beneficial to all readers and add greatly to the educational factor of the app.


Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11 is not an app children will complete in a short amount of time, if they listen to the entire story, read the additional information and complete all of the included activities.

The activities blend nicely with the story and are such that children may enjoy repeating them. Children would be more likely to return to the app if they were able to navigate directly to the activities.


This app is reasonably priced when you consider the nice quality design and amount of content that will entertain your children for a good while.

Child Friendliness

Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11 is the ideal app when it comes to being child friendly. All items for parents are tucked away discretely on a menu, two areas of which are protected.

A cast of bean bag characters and numerous interactive activities make learning about the historical trip to the moon aboard Apollo 11 entertaining.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars