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Come along on this nature adventure, help BeBee the bee as she sets out to collect pollen and nectar, pollenate flowers and protect her hive from the wasps. BeBee is one busy little bee!

As one would expect in an app for kids ages 4 to 14 this app was designed with bright and colorful graphics and a lot of happy music. It reminds me of beautiful summer days that are now a thing of the past and are a good six months away.

Stop by the settings menu to choose the desired type of game control, gestures or joypad; adjust the sound and music volumes and choose whether or not to show social media buttons.

After adjusting the settings, visit the in-app tutorial. The in-app tutorial walks you through what to collect, what to avoid, how to move BeBee and so on. Instructions will also appear throughout the levels as needed.

Initial download of the app is free and it contains one episode, an episode is made up of seven levels and a bonus level. Additional game content is available through two in-app purchases. If you do not intend to purchase the in-app purchases be sure to go into your device settings and restrict purchases.

One in-app purchase is to unlock the full game. At the time of this review that purchase would include two episodes, each containing seven levels and a couple of bonus levels. Two more episodes are in development, those episodes and any future ones would be free to those that purchased this in-app purchase. According to the developer, the cost is currently set at $4.99.

The second in-app purchase is to unlock one episode and costs $2.99 each. If you choose this route, future episodes would not be free. Additional purchases would be required.

In addition to in-app purchases and social media buttons this app does contain an external link. Like the social media buttons, if you chose to show them, the external link appears in a location that kids are not likely to access them. Ideally, the external link button would be protected in the same manner as the social media buttons. To be considered a kid-safe app the app shouldn’t contain any links or buttons within the app that kids can access causing them to exit the app to undesirable locations.

While we are on the topic of undesirable buttons and links, a ratings pop-up may appear multiple times while progressing through the levels of the first episode. This is not necessary or desirable in an app designed for kids as they should not be accessing iTunes. Rating buttons should be located in a menu for parents.

BeBee is sure to delight young users once they get the hang of controlling BeBee. Both methods of controlling game play could be a little smoother to make it less frustrating for the younger set. The younger kids will need assistance to get going while the older kids, such as the 8+ crowd, will probably complete the first episode in less than 30 minutes, if they are decent gamers like most kids.

Bottom line

BeBee is an adorable non-violent game for young kids. The app does contain multiple in-app purchases which could in the end make this app too expensive for many. This iPad only app is a good dose of happy summer days.

➤This colourful game will entertain children and will also improve their dexterity and diligence. It will develop their concentration skills and teach them the value of working towards a goal.

➤A beautiful, non-violent iPad game for the whole family. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of a small bee (BeBee), and help her to overcome various challenges as she collects pollen and nectar.

➤Game based on real nature mechanics of flowers pollination and bees life.

Let BeBee entertain you and your children and have lots of fun!

❁ Fly around the field – visiting all the things you see there!

❁ Collect pollen and nectar!

❁ But avoid touching thorns and insects!

❁ Pollenate flowers to make them happy!

❁ Don’t forget to protect the beehive from invasion by wasps!

❁ 20 challenging levels with lots of fun(including bonus and special levels)!

❁ 5 nasty enemies to protect yourself from!

Game was initially demonstrated at iFest Sydney on 8th July 2012 and it received lots of positive feedback.

Regular Price: Free with multiple in-app purchases