Best Environment Apps for Kids

Earth day might come once a year, but keeping the planet clean is important 365 days a year. We have put together a great list of apps to teach children about the importance of caring for the environment and keeping the earth clean each and every day. With topics like gardening, recycling, and reusing items, there is a little something here for everyone.


Recycle Hero for Kids

Recycle Hero for Kids is an exciting game-like app that allows children to help save the world. It offers puzzles, 6 mini-games, and lots of educational information to help players understand the importance of keeping our planet clean in a fun environment.

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Eviana Compilation 1

Eviana Compilation 1 is a unique environment app that uses 5 fun activities to help children learn the importance of caring for our planet and cleaning it up when necessary. Easy to use and fun too!

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Gro Memo

Gro Memo offers children a fun, animal focused activity to learn the importance of keeping our environment clean for our animal friends. It includes 2 environments, 29 animals, and lots of great graphics for kids to enjoy.

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Green Rank: Save Our Oceans

Another great app to teach children about the importance of cleaning up the ocean, this app also touches on recycling, eco-friendly products, and how to keep our animals save in the environment. This story-book app offers lots of great information in an engaging app that children will love.

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Water Cycles

Water Cycles is a puzzle app that helps children understand how water gets polluted, processed and cleaned. By placing pipes in various positions leading to and from farms, cleaning plants, and back to the ocean, players get a clear understanding of how this all plays into keeping our environment clean and healthy.

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Marine Missions

Marine Missions is all about how to keep the world’s oceans clean and healthy for the wildlife who live there. It also offers both educational and entertaining activities that will keep children engaged for hours!

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