The Best Bridge Building Games on iOS & Android

Bring on the Big Toys- the front loaders, the cranes, the drills, the bulldozers! These apps will allow players to simulate bridge construction in a multitude of ways. They will definitely scratch the construction itch and perhaps even give users a dose of what it takes to build a real-life bridge! Check them out!

Just for iOS

Cargo Bridge HD

Software Planet Group Ltd. – Ninety-Nine Cents

Cargo Bridge HDThis app features 24 levels of increasing difficulty. Egyptian and Greek themes, and an amazing physics engine. Build the bridges across larger and larger gaps, up and down inclines, and more. Open up access to additional materials and other perks as you progress through the levels.

This app costs ninety-nine cents and offers hours of addictive gameplay. There’s even a bonus challenge mode where you build the longest bridge you can!

iOS App Store

Bridge Builder Adventure

PixelMob Sp. zo.o. – Free with in-app purchases

Bridge Builder AdventureThis engineering puzzle takes you to a whole new level with fantasy bridges. The app also goes beyond simple bridge building; you also have to collect keys along the way to progress to the next level.

This app is free with in-app purchases. There is an in-game currency that can be purchased in packages ranging from $2.99 to $29.99. There are 60 levels to unlock, too.

iOS App Store

Build Bridges- City Builder

Tap by Tap, LLC – Free

Build Bridges - City BuilderUse your knowledge and 4 types of materials to build a bridge that is safe for vehicles in this app. It features three levels with lots of settings to fine-tune your experience. The engineering-themed puzzles will keep you on your toes!

This app is free on the App Store. It also includes a minigame that allows players to earn even more options for play.

iOS App Store


Just for Android

Bridge Construction Sim 2

Game Mavericks – Free

Bridge Construction Sim 2Players will love this simulation app that allows them to operate cement mixers, cranes, excavators, and pile drivers. Each level brings a new and challenging bridge to build. You’ll meet a special man who gives instructions for each project and learn to operate the big machines as you get the job done.

This app is free to download and play. It features realistic controls and 3D graphics.

Google Play


Mega City Underpass Construction: Bridge Building

TwoTwenty Games – Free

Mega City Underpass ConstructionDrive the big machines with this realistic simulation as you work to build underpasses – a different take altogether on bridge building. The levels are 100% free to play, too. You can take on challenge after challenge in an effort to untangle the traffic in the city by building underpasses.

This app is free to download and play, but it does serve advertisements. Reviewers write that the app is fun, but can be confusing or difficult to learn at first.

Google Play

X Construction Lite

CrossConstruct – Free

X Construction LiteX Construction Lite is a straightforward bridge construction game with few frills. Your challenge is to build the needed bridge using only the provided amounts of materials. Get that done, and you’ll progress through 24 levels, but some reviewers claim the upper levels are extremely difficult.

X Construction Lite is free to download and play, but it does contain advertisements. A few reviewers have commented that the sheer number of ads is somewhat unwieldy and have crashed the game.

Google Play

Photo of 2 cranes at construction site

Apps for Both iOS and Android

Bad Bridge

Minh Dao Lai – Free with in-app purchases

This app offers a creative take on bridge building. Build your most creative bridges and watch simulated traffic fly over them to see if they hold up or spectacularly crash. There is an in-game hint system if things get a bit confusing, too. One unique feature is a level editor that allows you to create your own puzzles.

This app is free to download and includes an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $2.99. There are over 120 levels to explore and play, so it will keep you building for a long time to come.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Bridge Constructor Playground

HeadUp GmbH – Free with in-app purchases on the App Store, $1.99 on Google Play

Bridge Constructor PlaygroundPlay through 30 different levels with increasingly complex challenges, like building bridges over canals, gorges, and rivers. This game makes an ideal intro to bridge building apps because you are free to try and make mistakes. There are no budget or time constraints, and no limits on what you can try. Each bridge is subjected to a stress test to see if will hold up to the kind of traffic that will be using it.

The app is free to download and does offer an in-app purchase to unlock the full version of the game for $1.99 in the iOS version. It features 5 different environments and 4 different types of construction materials, among other things.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Build a Bridge

BoomBit Games – Free with in-app purchases

Build a BridgeThis intriguing puzzle app will challenge players to build the most effective and efficient bridge to solve the problem at hand with the available materials. The game has two modes: a competitive do-or-die mode where you plan and build bridges and then watch traffic go over them to see if the bridge holds, and a more relaxed, creative mode where you can experiment and let yourself try out new ideas. Both are fun!

The app is free to download but does contain advertisements that some users have complained were too long in the review comments. There are 86 levels, though, plus hidden challenges and bridges to try out.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Construction Simulator Pro

CONSULIT PIOTR KAZMIERCZAK MICHAL MIZERA SPOLKA CYWILNA – $4.99 Android, $8.99 iOS, both with in-app purchases

Construction Simulator PROThis realistic simulation game puts you in charge of your very own fledgling construction company! You start out as a brand-new business owner and work your way up to larger and more important projects. Along the way, you can learn about 17 different types of big equipment, Construct bridges, and even buildings as you learn the business and take yourself from novice to construction mogul.

The app offers a number of in-app purchases of varying amounts of the in-game currency, ranging from $4.99 to $34.99 on iOS and $2.99 to $19.99 on the Android version. Developers guarantee at least 50 hours of gameplay.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Bridge Constructor Stunts

Headup GmbH – $1.99

Bridge Constructor StuntsThis app will appeal to both your construction engineer side and your stuntman side. Build amazing bridges, then perform stunts on them! With bridges, ramps, loops, and more to put into play, your stunts will be out of this world. You can earn stars, move through the levels, and come out on top with this fun and creative app.

The app costs $1.99 in both app stores (and on a number of other marketplaces, such as Steam), and it has features out the wazoo. You can do the stunts in a variety of vehicles, from delivery vans to dump trucks, and you can score points for your stunts and also for the amount of destruction and havoc you leave in your wake. Tons of ways to play and have fun, so check this one out!

iOS App Store

Google Play

Railway Bridge: Puzzle Game

Nikolay Kunin – free with in-app purchase

Railway bridge (Free)This app challenges players to build railroad bridges. Build the bridge correctly, and your train will speed over it and through other scenery to land in the next level. The game is designed for children and promotes logical thinking and planning, among other skills.

This app is free to download. The full version of the game offers 36 bridges and 4 different trains, but the free sample version of the app is more limited.

iOS App Store

Google Play