Presidents’ Day is a great time of year to encourage kids to learn about the leaders of our country, past and present.  Part of being a good citizen is becoming educated and informed.  Some of the stories of the Presidents are closely tied with the history of our country, since these leaders presided over times of advancement, growth, war, or other momentous times in history.

Whether you want your child to learn to name all of the presidents or understand the details of the leadership of the likes of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, digital learning just might be the way to go. These apps offer a nice mix of fun and learning. Have fun!

Britannica Kids: US Presidents

iOS App Store

This app features portraits of the US Presidents through Obama. It also has a profile of each person, including his years of service, first lady, Vice President, birthday, and fun facts. It’s a nearly perfect way to learn basic information about each person. There’s also a captivating feature called “Did You Know?” that gives a guided tour of trivia associated with important national sites, such as the Oval Office, Mount Rushmore, and Camp David.

Britannica Kids: US Presidents costs ninety-nine cents on the App Store. It’s perfect for elementary aged kids who are learning basic information about our country’s leaders. There are no in-app purchases or outside advertisements. The app even includes a quiz section, so download it today to test skills and knowledge.

Roadside Presidents

iOS App Store

This app is the unofficial guide to the unusual and even amusing tributes to US Presidents. If your vacation is needing some sprucing up by oddities, this might be the app that will interest and intrigue the family. It’s a quirky travel guide from Roadside America, which specializes in out of the way and unusual tourist attractions off of the beaten path. It includes profiles of the leaders, complete with foibles and fumbles. There are also countless museums that have that one unusual artifact or item related to a president. Find out where you can see a lock of hair or stand on the spot where a President once slept.

The app costs just ninety-nine cents, and includes management features such as a way to list favorite sites on your agenda as well as a way to tick places off of your to-do list and onto the “been-there-done-that” list.

Presidents vs. Aliens

iOS App Store

Google Play Store

As players learn about Presidential history, they can use their knowledge to help various US leaders defeat the aliens and save the country. They will fling presidents at the aliens to knock them for a loop and use “executive powers” to add to the fun. Each level completed earns a new president, so collect all 45! The app allows users to control the level of difficulty of the questions asked, ranging from simple identification questions designed for younger players, to more challenging questions allowing older players to explore issues, historical events, and Presidential trivia.

The app costs $1.99 and even offers 2 bonus games that can be unlocked through successful completion of levels and tasks. If your goal is to have kids learning about leaders while having fun, this app is just what you are looking for.


iOS App Store

This unique and innovative app for younger children really takes off when users point the device’s camera at the picture of George Washington on a $1 bill. The app is designed to help young players learn about the role played by the White House in our country’s democracy. Children will see first hand all of the things that go on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., such as press conferences and bill signings.

The app is free to download and is sponsored by the White House Historical Association. Some users have mentioned that the mechanism of focusing the camera on the dollar bill is a bit challenging, but the concept is exciting and entertaining. Young children will be fascinated by this look inside the President’s home and office.

Win the White House

iOS App Store

Google Play Store

This app for older kids (mostly middle and high schoolers) plops you right smack dab in the middle of your very own Presidential campaign. You’ll need to plan debate strategies, do fund raising, poll the voters, launch media campaigns, and make personal appearances. It’s everything needed to learn about America’s electoral process in detail. Kids will even learn to understand the Electoral Collage and why sometimes the person with the popular vote is not necessarily the winner of the election.

The app is free to download, and provides as near to a first hand look at elections as can be had without actually participating in one. It’s a great addition to social studies, government, and civics classes.

US Presidents (American Presidents Life History)

iOS App Store

This is one of the most complete apps that offers loads of information about American Presidents and their lives. It’s a fantastic educational resource and also a great app for hobbyists. Learn all about each President’s biography, his time in office, and many interesting facts.

The app costs $1.99 and includes basic information like years of service, hometown, and so forth, as well as more detailed information such as might be needed for a school report.




The Presidents-Flash Cards

iOS App Store

From George Washington to Donald Trump, there are 45 Presidents of the United States, and they are all right here in this app in glorious color flashcards. The cards contain a portrait, key information, spouse, birth date, and more. It’s the perfect app for your student who is memorizing the list of Presidents for school (usually around 4-6 grade). The app can present them in chronological order or in random order, so users can choose which mode will be most helpful.

The app costs ninety-nine cents. It’s one of the best ways to study for that tricky Presidents test, so why not give your child a leg up to prepare for it?