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Biscuit’s Birthday is the fifth book in the Biscuit series brought to you by iStoryTime. Biscuit is an adorable little yellow puppy who has been entertaining children for years. In this book Biscuit celebrates his birthday with friends.

This is a universal app loaded with features; such as a coloring book, sticker book, memory game and jigsaw puzzles. The app offers three reading options; auto play, read to me and read to myself. The text highlights as it is narrated, which is an ideal feature for early readers. I can’t forget to mention the hidden dog treats; one can be found on every page. Your children will want to find them all.

The coloring and sticker books each contain three pictures to choose from and can be saved to your device Photos folder. In the coloring book, there is a “color-in-the-lines” feature, 3 different crayon sizes and an eraser. Many different stickers are available in the sticker book.

Eight cards make up a match game found in the Memory Game section; each card contains a picture from a scene in the book. In Puzzles, you will find three jigsaw puzzles to choose from, each puzzle has six pieces that easily snap into place. The puzzles are made up of scenes from the book also. Both the memory game and jigsaw provide positive feedback to the children.

Overall design of this app is intuitive; the kids will know what to do with little or no assistance. A home button is available at the top of each page, the narration is easy to understand, there is no background music to distract from the story and the book is lightly animated. The animations can be repeated over and over by touching the objects or characters.

One suggestion to the developers regarding design would be to protect the information button so that children cannot enter it so easily. This area contains links that could take the children out of the app.

Biscuit’s Birthday plays well on either device; however, we found coloring in the coloring book a bit more challenging, and frustrating, when using it on the smaller screen of an iPod.

Bottom line

Biscuit’s Birthday is a delightful storybook that contains additional entertainment and loads of features all in one app at a great price.
Recently iStoryTime debuted the Biscuit’s Birthday storybook app for Apple and Android devices. The fifth book in the Biscuit series, Biscuit celebrates his birthday party and invites all of his friends to join in. This is another great book full of animations, sounds and narration for early readers.

It also includes a fun memory game, coloring book with color-in-the-lines mode for little fingers and highlighted text as the narrator reads for improved reading skills.

Regular Price: 2.99