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Bogga Alphabet is an iPad only app for kids learning the alphabet. Children will have fun creating a rainbow of letters to be played with.

Though the app does have an easy to use interface, in-app instructions are available (internet connection required).

The child can choose any one of the 26 letters of the alphabet, capital letters only, to paint or trace. Six colors are available; however only one color per letter is allowed. Do not worry if your child is not able to stay in the lines or completely fill in the letter, once most of the letter is filled in it is sent to the shelf and ready to be used on the fridge. Any letter can be chosen, multiple times, you are not required to go in alphabetic order. You could make four letter As, each a different color. The app does not focus on the proper strokes of writing the letter, more of what the letter looks like and the name of it. The name of the letter is spoken each time the letter is used during the coloring of it and playing with them on the fridge.

From the shelf, drag the letter to the fridge to spell out words or sayings. A picture can be taken of your creation, which is saved to your device’s Photos library. Once a letter is on the fridge it cannot go back to the shelf. You can drag letters you no longer want to the trash can. When you exit the app or exit back to the main page, the fridge is cleared. The return to main page button is secured to prevent young users from exiting the play area.

The app does not contain in-app purchases or ads; however, it does contain a social media button and external links in the About menu, which requires internet access. They are placed in a way that your child should not be able to access them easily.

Bottom line

Young children will have fun coloring and playing with letters. What a great way to learn the alphabet!

Let your kids explore the alphabet through coloring letters that turns into fridge magnets! Together you can listen to how each letter is pronounced and line up simple words on the refrigerator. You can even take a picture of your artwork.

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