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  • Boj-Musical Mayhem
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Boj-Musical Mayhem is a children’s ebook based on popular characters from British television. In this adventure, the characters solve problems and express themselves.

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Boj-Musical Mayhem is an entertaining and engaging ebook for younger children and is likely to delight any youngster who has made music on a cardboard tube or a comb with tissue paper.

Features include:

  • Interactive pages with sound effects
  • Two interactive build-the-instruments games
  • Professional narration with multiple voices
  • Words highlight as they are read aloud
  • Read to me and Read to myself modes


Boj-Musical Mayhem is a high quality ebook designed for young children. It includes features that are common to most ebooks for this age group, including interactions on each page that are activated by tapping, interactive games, and Read-to-Me or Read-To-Myself options. The narration and sound effects are of good quality, and multiple voices are used.


Boj-Musical Mayhem is intended to be more entertaining than educational, yet the app manages to teach some profoundly positive lessons. Characters use creative thinking and problem solving skills to prevent their friend from missing the fun of performing in the concert in the park. Readers are also treated to the sounds of several different musical instruments. These are played by inexperienced characters, so children will get a realistic idea of how beginning players normally perform. Characters also set good examples of compassion and several other positive traits.

Like most children’s ebooks, Boj-Musical Mayhem offers two modes: Read-to-Me and Read-by-Myself. In the Read-to-Me mode, the voice over is nicely timed to coincide with the highlighting that helps a child keep pace visually. It would be nice if developers had included more interactive games embedded into the story or that activate after going through the story, as a reward. Another idea to extend the usefulness of this app is to provide suggestions for guided reading questions or including directions for making several other kinds of homemade musical instruments.


This app offers an entertaining story that will appeal to a wide range of ages in the audience. The animations and embedded sound effects really add to the story, allowing readers to become a part of the fun by hearing how each instrument sounds. It’s easy to get the entire band playing at once during the concert at the end of the book, and the text also suggests a sing-along, which most children adore.


This app’s weakest point is its price. It is a bit on the expensive side, especially if your child is unfamiliar with the characters, who come from British television. Many ebooks are less expensive and most offer a bit more in the way of interactivity, games, activities, and guidance for parents. If your child is already a fan of Boj, then it’s sure to be a hit. Otherwise, you may wish to provide your youngster with some exposure to the series before investing.

Child Friendliness

This app has no outside advertising, no in-app purchases, no links to social media, the internet or email, and no other aspects that might give parents cause for concern. The credits are tucked out of the way so children won’t access them inadvertently, but adult users will find them easily. All in all, it’s very nice!

Boj-Musical Mayhem is a children’s ebook based on popular characters from British television. In this adventure, the characters solve problems and express themselves.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars