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Bo’s Bedtime Story is an excellent tool for parents who are working with their young children to establish a bedtime routine. Bo, the giraffe, will show kids not only the steps for getting ready for bed, but that you can have fun in the process. The app contains what you might call mini games; 10 total in the story, one for each of the different steps of a bedtime routine; and one as a “fun extra”, which allows kids to play dress-up on a boy or girl doll. During the bedtime games children will use various skills such as sorting, counting, and working with their colors. I like that the bedtime routine includes things like picking up toys, what to do with the clothes they have taken off; not just the basics like brushing teeth and putting on pajamas. The best part is the story ends with the most important steps, a story and kisses!

Overall design and interface of the app are wonderful. The developers have done a great job incorporating bold, beautiful colors and graphics; catchy music, that will have you singing along; a friendly, perky voice for narration, that is easy to understand; and an easy to use interface. The social media buttons are tucked away on the “i” button menu on the bottom of the main screen; “How to” information and the options to turn sound and music on or off are found there also.

Bottom-line: I cannot imagine any child not wanting to use Bo’s Bedtime Story EVERY night. It’s an interactive checklist for their bedtime chores.
Bo’s Bedtime Story is a fun and educational story/game to help children 2-6 years old develop good bedtime habits. Children will help Bo the Giraffe, the playful main character, with his bedtime routine. This App reinforces positive bedtime habits, making it easier for parents to do the same.

App Description:
“Bo’s Bedtime Story” is divided in 10 consecutive and interactive scenes. At the beginning of each scene the child will be told by Bo the Giraffe what needs to be done and how to help him. During the 10 scenes the child will use a variety of skills such as sorting, color recognition, matching, counting, listening and coordination to accomplish the scenes’ tasks. In the last scene, Bo will go to sleep and then meet up with all of his Heppi animal friends in his dream accompanied by a nice sing-along song “Hey, Hello My Name is Bo.”


  • Sorting
  • Color recognition
  • Matching
  • Counting
  • Coordination
  • Listening
  • Ranking

Device Requirements:

  • iOS 4.0 or higher
  • iPad

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