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  • Bubu – Motivate your child
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Unique motivational app allows parents to assign kids tasks and reward them for positive behaviors.

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Parents having trouble getting their kids to follow rules and complete tasks around the house have a new app in their corner. Bubu – Motivate Your Child is an app designed that rewards kids with points for following a set of rules. Those points can then be redeemed virtually for real-world presents and other rewards set up by the parents. The app isn’t flashy or full of games to distract kids. It’s a more simplistic app designed to remind kids what they need to do and motivate them to get it done.

Features include:

  • Set up multiple child profiles
  • Share across devices
  • Customize children’s schedules and tasks
  • Award and take away points
  • Encourage children to reach goals


Parents will find that the app is fairly easy to set up. Instructions help parents fill out their information and set up each child’s profile. The free version of the app allows one child profile, but parents can pay to add multiple profiles. Parents can also pay to customize the color scheme, get notifications, print weekly schedules, and add friends. These are all great features that parents may wish were included in the free version of the app, not as expensive in-app purchases. Another downside to the app is that it assumes families have multiple devices. One device families will not be able to use the app effectively. Since nothing is password protected on the main profile, children can access their profiles and add and take away points, which they will undoubtedly figure out how to do. When children use a different device to access the app, they will only have access to a screen showing their tasks, points, and rewards.


Kids are encouraged to behave at home and at school and are rewarded for good behavior with points that can be redeemed for different rewards determined by their parents. Each child profile has a place where kids can set goals and point values to reach. The default goals are to earn 300 points for a birthday gift and 900 points for a Christmas gift. While Christmas and birthdays are two times of the year where kids will receive gifts regardless of the points they earn and, therefore, not particularly useful for many families, parents can also set their own goals for kids. They can also let kids set goals for themselves teaching them how to work hard to reach a goal.


One of the paid features of the app allows kids to add friends in the app. They can interact with their friends by sharing and exchanging points and other items. They can also encourage one another to work hard to meet their goals. Kids will enjoy watching their points increase and will also enjoy redeeming those points for rewards.


The free version of the app allows parents to create a single child profile with a basic schedule, but puts limits on how much the profile can be customized and how many points can be earned. Parents who want full access to the app can purchase all customization options for one flat price or opt to purchase individual options. Whether purchased individually or as a bundle, these options are over-priced. For example, the option to change the color scheme costs the same as the option to create multiple child profiles. Developers would do well to cut the price of the options in half to make them a better value.

Child Friendliness

Parents set up the app on one device and link their child’s profile to another device. Two parents can manage the app if connected through separate devices. For families with multiple devices, this is a great feature. For families with one device, the app is less useful and gives children access to all of the features designed for parents.

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  • YES access to parent profile
  • YES social media (access from parent profile)
  • YES in-app purchase

Unique motivational app allows parents to assign kids tasks and reward them for positive behaviors.

Editor rating
Rated 3.5 stars