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A perfect app for little ones that provides a safe and easy to use interface allowing children to use their imagination to create the perfect ship for sailing.

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Available on the App Store

Build a Ship with Kate and Harry is a cute and interactive app that allows children to use their creativity to build their very own ship and watch is sail the wide open seas as they visit with various sea creatures. Children get the freedom of choosing various parts of their ship allowing for ample combinations to keep them busy for hours. Simply put this app is creative, easy to use, interactive and perfect for young children.

Features include:

  • Interactive easy to use interface
  • 25 Different pieces to mix and match
  • Fun sound effects and graphics

A great kid’s app doesn’t have to have a ton of bells and whistles to be considered high quality and Kate & Harry Build a Ship is a great example. Children are guided to select 5 pieces in order to build their ship and with 25 options they can make any number of fun, creative ships. After they select all the pieces for their ship they get to watch it sail across the sea meeting and greeting various sea friends along the way. With simple tap and touch technology friends like an octopus, a whale, or submarines come to life making this a great high quality app for young children.

The brightly colored graphics and interactive parts of the app combined with the simple sound effects and music make this the perfect engaging app for children.

This app is far more entertaining and creative than it is educational. Instead of using words or narrations, this app has music and sound effects to help engage children. One way to increase the educational benefit of this app would be to add a narration piece or word association as an option with the sea friends or with the different pieces of the boat.

This app provides tons of creative freedom and experimentation as children piece their ship together. They get to choose from various decorations, ship bodies, masts etc. to create their perfect ship that they can test out on the sea. And with so many variations of ships to be built, children can be entertained for hours without duplicating their ship. This is definitely one app that will last for a long time.

Creativity, fun, easy to use, and an unlimited number of ships to build all for under a dollar is a steal! The quality of this app in the graphics and the sound effects in addition to the endless hours of fun make this app one of a kind and to get it for under a dollar makes this deal that much sweeter.

Kate & Harry Build A Ship is completely safe for children to use. There are no in app purchases, no social media links or in app advertisements and parents can allow their children to have safe creative play without worry.

The simple to use interface also makes this app perfect for younger users as it requires simple tap and touch to build a fun and interactive ship.

Available on the App Store