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Cat Doorman’s Little Red Wagon is a cheerful, interactive musical app that is great for all young children, but especially those with a love for music.

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Available on the App Store

Little Red Wagon is a charming interactive musical app with delightful illustrations, animations, and a catchy folk song that little music lovers will enjoy. Children can practice reading music, interact with scenery, and sing along in this application as they help the main character take the little red wagon for a stroll through the forest stopping at various places to pick up items for her picnic at the end of the app.

Features include:

  • Read along/sing along lyrics
  • 3 song versions to choose from
  • Interactive scenery

This app is full of hand painted illustrations and brightly colored interactive scenes that are simple yet charming. As children open the app and select the version of the song they want to play, the words and notes appear on a scroll at the bottom of the screen which is a nice touch as children can follow along as the song plays.

They can also insert their own sound effects as they move through the app touching various animals, trees, and even the sun. The interaction doesn’t stop there, as the main character visits the Dairy, Bakery, Garden, and Orchard, children are prompted to help her gather different foods for her picnic at the end of her journey.

While the music is a catchy tune children will enjoy, there are moments where there is a slight hiccup as the song transitions to each verse. It is not a huge issue, but it is noticeable as the song plays. Despite the musical hiccup, this is still a very good quality app with a lively storybook feel that children will likely enjoy.

This app is the first musical app I have seen that allows children to learn and practice reading music. After choosing one of three song versions by selecting an instrument (guitar, piano, or full band), the musical notes and words are highlighted along the bottom of the screen so children can follow along. Not only do they get the benefit of playing and interacting with the scenes and the music, but they can practice their musical sight reading skills as well making this a unique educational experience for sure.

Most children love music and enjoy making their own music as well and this app allows children to get involved and play with various animals, trees, clouds, the sun etc. adding their own sound effects to the song as it plays which is always fun. They also have the joy of helping the little girl collect all the items for the picnic with her forest friends at the end of the journey where they are greeted with giggles and squeals of delight as they tap and tickle each character.

While I think this app is very well made and has some unique educational opportunities, I think it is priced a little higher than what I would normally pay for an app like this. There isn’t much by way of diverse features or additional activities for children to play with, so I am not sure it has a lot of staying power, however with an added activity or two it would most definitely be worth the price.

This app is great for younger users as they can easily tap through and explore the different interactive functions within the scenery and will be happily surprised when they find themselves making music too. Also included are prompts and reminders that appear as little bubbles directing children so they aren’t stuck on any one area. For instance if the child isn’t sure what to pick up at the bakery certain items jump up and down, and a bubble appears showing them how to drag and drop it into the wagon. This makes the app very easy to use for toddlers and pre-school children.

Parents can rest easily knowing this app is perfectly safe for children to use with no social media links or in app purchases and they can let their child freely explore the app on their own.

Available on the App Store