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Charge Your Brain is a collection of challenging mini games designed for the whole family. Each mini game is designed to improve brain function, in an entertaining way. With the free download you will have access to four mini games; Find a Pair, Flash-Memory, Blocks and Math Problems; more mini games are available through in-app purchases.

Each game has three levels of difficulty; easy – for kids and beginners; normal – for those with a high level of self confidence; and hard – for those who are fond of challenges. The app has been designed with bright colors and a user-friendly interface; even providing a friendly character named Kate as your interactive guide. For each game you will find a description of how the game improves your brain function and game rules or hints. Games are timed. Which metal you receive at the end of each game is based on how many problems you answered correctly. You can see your stats and compare them with those of the other users or on game center.

Up to five profiles can be created in the app. This is a nice feature for families who may have multiple members wanting to compete against each other or multiple members at different levels.

In the options section there are settings for music, sound, inverting the digit keyboard, switching to your own music and deleting profiles. Inverting the digit keyboard, if selected, changes the keypad to be like that of a calculator or the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

Information regarding the additional games (in-app purchases) is done nicely and provides enough information to describe what can be found in each. As with all apps that contain in-app purchases you may want to restrict that setting in your device settings.

One suggestion, for the developers, would be to tuck the social media buttons, found on the main page, away under the Options and having the ability for the user to turn them on if desired. Because this is an app for the whole family, thus kids may be using it, social media buttons are not something we, as parents, want them to have easy access to.

Another area of improvement is the translation of wording throughout the app could use a little polishing, but for the most part you can figure out what is being said.

Both versions of this app (iPhone/iPod and iPad) were tested and found to be similar, both worked well.


Charge your Brain is not just an app for kids. It is reasonably priced entertainment for the whole family.
“Charge Your Brain” is a combination of entertaining mini-games that will allow you to develop various sections of your brain in a relaxing and funny way. Each mini-game involves different directions of mental activity: image recognition, speed of response, logic, comparison of objects, searching and mathematic skills, memory, etc. By performing these exercises at least once a day, you will increase the blood supply of various sections of your brain, thus stimulating and improving their functioning.

The “Charge Your Brain” application will be interesting for kids and adults alike. There are three difficulty levels that let absolutely everyone perform these fascinating exercises. The portable charger for your brain will now be only a tap away!


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