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There are so many adjectives that come to mind when trying to describe Circadia; unique, simple, challenging, and fun are just a few. This universal app is a very unique and challenging game of skill; and it plays well on either device.

The simple and clean design makes this game easy to use for any age. It may be easy to use, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. My entire family liked this game and some levels required help from everyone in mastering them! With 100 puzzles, it is sure to entertain your family for hours. You will find yourself so engrossed that you easily lose track of time and do not want to put it down. When you do decide to put it down, you are able to pick back up where you left off.

Timing is everything with Circadia. In this musical game, levels start out simple, becoming progressively more difficult as additional colored dots are added and the white dot moves around the screen. Touch the colored dots at just the right time so their bursts cross the white dot at the same time. Lower tones release their bursts slower; higher ones faster. Levels are not timed and the game allows the user endless attempts at mastering the level.

One feature we here at BestAppsforKids.com like, there are no social media buttons or external links to worry about. This is a kid-safe app. Game Center and iCloud integration are available, if desired.

Bottom line

Circadia is a unique musical game where timing is everything. It’s an addicting game the entire family will enjoy.
From IGF nominated game designer Kurt Bieg comes Circadia, an unbelievably simple, devilishly tricky, visual masterpiece.

The premise is simple enough. Each of the levels in Circadia feature a constellation of musical colors seeking a rhythm. To solve the puzzle you must figure out the sequence. Just get the color bursts to converge on the white dot at the same time.

What’s so hard about that?

At the beginning, it’s one of simplest games you’ll ever play, by the end, you’ll be amazed how this basic interaction continues to find new ways to keep you challenged and stumped.

Circadia is a unique rhythm puzzler that features 100 unique ear bending puzzles meticulously designed to challenge your senses. It’s not like any puzzle game you’ve ever played before.

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