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  • Clam I Am
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

Another great Oceanhouse Media app that teaches children about all the wonderful things you might find at the beach and in the sea.

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Clam I Am is another great Oceanhouse Media production that teaches children about various sea creatures that can be found at the beach. With narration options, text highlighting, great illustrations, and a very entertaining story, this storybook app is one children will love.

Features include:

  • Sea creature fun facts
  • Narration options
  • Text highlighting
  • Word definitions


Oceanhouse Media has done a great job again with another Dr. Seuss book, Clam I Am. This storybook app has all the traditional bells and whistles you might expect from the developer including, voice record, narration options, text highlighting, and interactive illustrations. With a great story in addition to wonderful sound effects and other features, this app is of very high quality.


Clam I Am teaches children about the many things you might find in the sea such as starfish, driftwood, seaweed, crabs, jellyfish and so much more. With “read to me” and “read to myself” options, children can practice their reading skills and learn new words by tapping and touching various illustrations to see the word appear. The text highlighting allows younger users to follow along and learn new words as they enjoy the story. Another great feature is word definitions. Throughout the book there are also words in bold that when tapped will show the full definition, allowing children to learn new vocabulary words. Overall Clam I Am is a great tool for teaching fun facts about the sea or working on vocabulary and reading skills.


The digital Dr. Seuss books offered by Oceanhouse Media always have great animated narration in addition to the fun stories and Clam I Am is a great example of that. The added sound effects and audio add to the overall story helping to bring it to life and while the illustrations aren’t animated, the background audio and narration is very entertaining.


Priced at just under four dollars, Clam I Am is priced well for all the additional features that are included. In addition to the entertaining story, there are narration options, voice record, word definitions etc. that make this a very valuable educational tool parents and teachers can use with children. When you consider what you might pay in stores for a hard cover book, this app is a good deal.

Child Friendliness

The user interface for Clam I Am is very easy to use and children of all ages can enjoy the story with the various narration options and text highlighting. Moving from page-to-page requires a simple swipe of the finger and the arrows at the bottom of each screen offer another way to move on in the story which is great so even younger users won’t get stuck in any one area.

Parents can rest assured knowing that their child is completely protected in this app as there are no external links or in app purchases that are not protected in some way.

Another great Oceanhouse Media app that teaches children about all the wonderful things you might find at the beach and in the sea.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars