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Draw, color, save and share with the Colorific app for iPad.

Not only does this app put more than 40 ready to color pictures in your kids hands, it’s a great way to cut down on paper and supply waste. They get to be creative on the go, and you get to feel good about it. It’s win win.

If your little one prefers to go their own way, there is a feature-rich drawing pad built in to the Colorific app. Choose from a color pencil style input with three different sizes in 20 shades or fill in paint pots in 21 different hues.

Sharing Options

Colorific saves colored templates and original creations right in the app. From there you can share them with friends and family via email or upload directly to Facebook.

There is not an option to save Colorific art to your gallery. I hope they add this feature in the future!

A Lot of Extras

Throw in a festive musical accompaniment, undo and redo buttons, an eraser to polish off your pics, and an awesome user interface that works perfectly every time, and you have a super solid app.

In case you can’t tell, I am a huge fan. It’s high quality and doesn’t cost a thing. Next time your kids want to draw hand them your iPad and launch Colorific. You wallet (and the environment) will thank you.

Bottom-line: This high quality app gives you creativity on the go without breaking the bank.
Colorific is an wonderful fun and smart drawing and coloring iPad app for children.

The app allows kids either to draw pictures from scratch or to color one of the multiple (40+) templates built into the app. In Colorific one can find templates from a variety of different categories: numbers, animals and birds, transport, professions, dinos etc. Designed by a talented and passionate artist, the templates are fun to color and have educational component. Painted and colored pictures can be saved on iPad and shared with friends via email. The application boasts of beautiful design, intuitive interface, flawless functionality and enjoyable background music.

❀ Kids-friendly easy-to-use interface
❀ Drawing and coloring modes
❀ Lots of built-in fun & smart templates
❀ Works with finger and stylus
❀ Email sharing functionality

If you happen to be a happy parend, we guarantee – your kid will love it!