Coloring Monkey Head with Monkey Coloring Pages

Free Monkey Coloring Pages

Monkey is a kind of animal. But we don’t talk about monkey as animal. In this occasion, we just want to say that the monkey coloring pages are good. Can you create the money picture?  Okay, we will tell you how to make the money pictures. Then you may add the color. But after knowing the way for drawing monkey, you should teach your kids to make it also. We know that the kids will be very happy for making the monkey pictures.

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Coloring can be hours of fun and creating beautiful works of art is all about being prepared. For a great day of coloring, here is our shortlist of supplies you want to have on hand.

How to Draw Monkey Coloring Pages

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A cute monkey pictures can be drawn in the simple steps. Do you know the steps? Okay, just follow the steps below! Then, you will make a good monkey picture. Start for making the face! Draw an oval shape on a piece of paper. But before making the oval shape, we have to ask you, have you prepared your drawing book? If you don’t have any drawing book, use a piece of paper. The monkey coloring pages can be created there.

Give guidelines to create the shape of the monkey face. You should make vertical and horizontal lines in the middle of the round shapes. It will help you to make the good position of eyes, nose, and the other face shapes. Is that easy? Of course the answer is ‘yes’. In this beginning step, you can create a good line without any help. But for the next steps, the monkey coloring pages will take more concentration. Are you ready for that?

Give two circles for ears! You just have to draw the small circle in the right side and the left side of the face. Make sure that the shapes of ears are proportional. You may not make the big ears for the small face.  Of course the small ears may not be for the big faces.  So, everything must be proportional. You should prepare erasers. If the line is not right, you may erase the wrong line. Then, you may create the new pictures of ears. The monkey coloring pages with good ears should be created first.

Draw big circle for the mouth! The position of the mount is in the center of the big circle. Then, you can add the detail of the face. The eyes should be drawn also. You may use the same ways for making the eyes. Draw two circles above the mount position. Then, the monkey coloring pages are almost perfect. You just have to give the detail for the face shapes. Then, the monkey pictures will be good.

Now, you can create monkey coloring pages. Don’t forget to prepare the drawing books first. You may use the large drawing books. The result of the coloring pages will be big if you use the big drawing paper. Can you make it by yourself?  We know that you are so creative. So, making this monkey picture will not make you get crazy. Your creativity will be used here. Teach your kids for making this money picture also. We know that they will like it so much.

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Coloring Monkey Head with Monkey Coloring Pages
Written by: Jack Best
Coloring Monkey Head with Monkey Coloring Pages
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