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My husband and was quite surprised when I had to deal with tantrums youngest child in a small shopping center when he asked for coloring pages for boys. We have never faced a situation like this. With her siblings, eldest Si and Si center, we never deal with their tantrums just because cannot buy the goods. The eldest and the middle have experienced a fairly long learning process. The eldest and the middle was used to plan before shopping, feel themselves choose when shopping process, check whether the money they are fairly new, decide groceries. Things like this certainly cannot we apply smoothly on the little guy youngest child. But let’s not forget the learning process to be followed. If you have children who have never learned to shop, then most likely there will be times like the youngest child tantrums, no matter how old the child was.

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What kind of training that we can apply on children to shop? You can select some of the following ways: Shopping with Allowance. Try to give an allowance to the child and ask him to decide to what the pocket money. You can give 1 x for one special day per week. For older children – teenagers age 12 years or over, you can try to give a weekly or monthly budget. See how the child learns to spend his pocket money. Teach the children well for Shopping with Money Red envelope Feast. Encourage children to look at toy stores, coloring pages for boys and bookstores. Let her see for you and compare prices from one store to another. Then explain that he could choose and buy goods he wants with the money Red envelope Feast later. That way, the child does not cry, but wait time for shopping. Shopping on Vacation is also noteworthy.

Shopping on Vacation

While on vacation usually adult shop right? Well give money to a child to be able to participate in the election groceries. It is interesting to Si and Si eldest middle, last holiday when they do not spend all their money. The eldest chose to keep all the holiday allowance for savings because he is trying to buy a game console. The middle spends some money, and then chooses to save others. The youngest child who does not quite understand, need help more when choosing a toy and coloring pages for boys that he wanted to buy. The money runs out. But he was quite happy because finally no fuss and ask stuff when the money has run out. Let’s please add another idea that children can learn to shop. Of course, this learning process will continue to be updated. Even for adults like me are also learning how to shop from children. Good luck training shopping with kids!

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Coloring Pages for Boys & Training Shopping For Children
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Coloring Pages for Boys & Training Shopping For Children
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